My own personal line in the sand

Here it is. The thing that tipped me over the edge with all of the co-vid madness. Who would have thought that a teeny little statement, such as this, could have such an impact?

I call BS!

I shared this post in my Facebook story yesterday and while many were as outraged as I was, I was equally surprised by how many responded that they fully believe that diet isn’t a factor at all. Excuse me? Come again?

Diet is huge folks. You absolutely CAN build a resilient immune system with a healthy diet, supplements, and plant medicine and I’m living proof of that, as are MANY of my clients.

6 years ago, I was a burned-out, sleep-deprived, guts churning, mess. Do you know what brought me back to health? A focus on my DIET. Healing foods. Supportive supplements. Plant medicine.

If diet isn’t a factor in building the immune system then why do we see scurvy when Vitamin C levels are dangerously low? Why does a lack of vitamin D factor into mental health? Or, why does a lack of iron make one anemic? Why is someone constipated without enough magnesium? Or develop restless legs syndrome? Why are orthomolecular doses of B vitamins used to treat severe mental health issues?

Do you think it could possibly be because diet plays a factor in our health? Of course, it does. Therefore, shame on every person involved in the release of this statement. Shame on our government for disregarding public health in this manner. Shame on every dietician who didn’t take a stand and released this statement to their clients. And shame on me if I don’t stand against it now.

On the flip side, did you know that 1 tsp. of sugar shuts down the immune system for 4 hours? Or that people in food deserts have lowered immunity and a higher incidence of chronic conditions than people living where healthy food is readily available?

“Diet-related health problems are disproportionately higher in food deserts than in regions served by mainstream grocers. You are what you eat, as the saying goes, and poor quality foods are also linked chronic illnesses, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and even premature death.”
(click on the quote for the full article)

How dare a group of nutritional experts (government-sanctioned ones nonetheless) release such a statement at a time when attention to our health is paramount! Releasing this statement in no way erases or obliterates the countless studies and scientific research that supports diet and nutrient-rich foods as a means of securing health. We know better than to fall for this.

So, where will you stand on this issue? Are you using healthy foods, supplements, plant medicine, exercise, and proper rest to support your immune system? I am and I’m taking a stand for the fact that it is EXACTLY what helps to build resilience.

Want my nutrition license to practice? Come and get it.

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