This recorded audio reading is designed to give you quick clarity on what you're here to do and who you're here to be.

Quick & Dirty Mini Reading

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Sometimes, you just need a quickie to get you out of your head.

Maybe you can’t commit to an entire afternoon of luxurious exploration.

Maybe you’re not ready for all of the bells and whistles.

Maybe you just need a little push to get unstuck.

You're in the right place. Here's how I can help.

Quick & Dirty Mini Reading


Your mini reading covers:


HUMAN DESIGN recorded audio REading

How you’re best meant to show up in life, relationships, or business

Your decision making super power 

Where you’ve been most conditioned away from yourself

Notes from Human Design Clients

- Taylor H

"Thank you very much for the beautifully detailed reading, I was really captivated listening to you! As I am new to Human Design, it is lovely how you packaged the information in a way that was easy for me to understand and follow! 

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Since your mini reading is delivered as an audio recording, you can listen again and again when you need a little reminder.

Take it all in!


Notes from Human Design Clients

- Kristina M

"Ok wow … my mind is blown . You have a gift girl !!! Yes on so many levels! You nailed it!!! I am now so curious to see my kids !!! Thank you beyond words. I will be listening to that a couple more times and book the kids in soon."

you may be wondering about some things...

Frequently Asked Questions


What a great question!

A reading (of any type - Human Design - Astrology - Numerology) will give you clarity and give you a bit of insight into why you are the way you are. My readings are more intensive and all encompassing. They take into consideration not only who you are but the layers of conditioning and influence of others that have led you to step away from your purpose.

which type of session should I start with?

If you’re in business, you’re going to want a business reading.

The Get Down To Business Intensive gives you the most usable information with action steps and integration as we go along. Within a business reading or intensive, you’ll understand yourself on a personal level more deeply as well because there is no separation. Your business is an extension of you and vice versa. I believe that your business should deeply support your life and be designed around your energetic cycles.

If you aren't in business, the best place to start is with a Personal Reading.

What is your decision making super powers?
What is the highest expression of your gifts?
What keys and insights do you need into your purpose so that you are living your life full out?
How will this play out in your relationships - or how is it playing out in your relationships now?
What is your greatest shadow and how will you begin to transform this to stand in your gifts?
How will you honour your body’s needs for rest, creativity, work, and fun? We can even talk about sexual energies in your chart if you want to!

These readings are not me spewing information at you. They are conversational and highly interactive. We’ll gauge how things are landing for you as we go along and what else you need for this to be something that you not only understand but that you use in your everyday life, moving forward. 

is it ok if I'm new to Human Design?

YES! Newbies are welcome!

Even if you’ve never heard of Human Design before, I promise you, it will change your life!

You can head on over to the blog to get a glimpse of what’s in store in a reading... check out THIS POST to see a mini reading video!

What exactly is Human Design?

Glad you asked!

I have a blog post answering that exact question... check it out HERE.

How important is it to know my exact  birth time?

Good question - 

I have a blog post that explains it in detail... check it out HERE.

Can I hire you to speak in my business or provide these sessions to my clients?

YES! This is one of my favourite things to do! I am absolutely available to speak with your group, organization, team, workplace, or school.

Human Design is the most powerful tool that I have discovered. When every person has just a wee bit of insight into how they are designed to function best, the entire operation runs so much more smoothly.

Fill out my CONTACT FORM to get more information.

I've tried a lot of other things... will this actually work for me?

I feel you on this one. I was the perpetual seeker of knowledge - and to some degree I still am because one of the pieces of my own Human Design is a constant thirst for learning - I’m more at peace with it now though.

Deeply understanding my design, having been in my own experiment for a few years, I’m better able to centre myself and come back to my highest expression. I’m able to recognize when I’m living in the shadows and then use my other tools like journaling, essential oils, movement, yoga, breathwork, to go INSIDE for answers instead of always seeking outside of myself. 

Do you have a refund policy? What if I have to cancel a session?

Due to the fact that I begin designing our session as soon as it’s booked, there are no refunds. 

You may reschedule your reading within 48 hours of your appointment if absolutely necessary. 

Notes from Human Design Clients

- Judith 

"SPOT ON Vickie! What you do is incredible! I strongly believe that I am one of the only people in the world that ACTUALLY knows the person he is, until now! I'm just in awe!"

Ready for your mini reading?

It's a beautiful start to your Human Design journey and/or the thing that can get you unstuck when you just need a little push.


Notes from Human Design Clients

- Katie H

“That's pretty crazy. Very bang on. Def itching for more! ”