I'm here to align you with your purpose through passion and creativity.

I'm Vickie

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✨  I am a Master Maverick, a Time Bender, A Manifesting Generator.

Brass Tacks:

♉  I’m a Taurus who is barely Taurean, with Libra Rising, in a chart ruled by Venus.

➡️  I am a Human Design Quad Right, Emotional Authority, 2/4 profile.

🔥 My Incarnation Cross is the Right Angle Cross of Contagion, which makes me spicy.

💫 Mars, Venus and the Moon are all out of bounds for me, which makes me a completely out of the box kind of gal.

✅ Executor in Strengths finder - which means that I get the job done - always.

☝️ Enneagram 1

⏩ Kolbe quick start 9 

I am enamored with possibilities.
I see them everywhere.
I can't stop myself!
You know how in the movie, The Sixth Sense, the child saw dead people?
I see possibilites!!!

I'm a whirlwind of empowerment and getting s%#t done.

I coax your exquisiteness out of you.
And I do it by kicking your ass and holding you accountable to yourself!
You will not hide your gifts!
Not on my watch!

By partnering with me, you get what you don’t even know you need.

I know what it is - and I'll help you see it with instant clarity ✨

I'll also help you to change it, so you can move forward in your business with ease and flow💫

You know that intangible “WOW that’s what was missing!” piece that you’ve just not been able to put your finger on?

I see the big picture
This quad right thing is a big deal.
Only .05 % of the population has it.
With my Jupiter in Mercury I go deeply into the patterns to investigate them - quickly - laser focused- rapid fire.

I have this thing that I do...

It all comes together like SHWOOM!
I’ve got it!
And then you get it too!

My radiance is fiery. 

Allow me to shine it on you.
Nurturing fire is how I play.
It’s who I am 🔥 

You're not here for the status quo.

I'm here to push you out of it.
Sometimes gently, sometimes through fire.
Always with love 🫶 

🍫 My love of all things mint chocolate can't be beat!

You might be surprised to know...

💕💕 I'm Mimi to 2 with another 2 on the way!!

👩‍💻 I’ve been an entrepreneur for my entire life.

📺 If my life was a TV show, I would be Carrie from King of Queens

💖 I’ve been married to the same guy for over 3 decades. His Cross of the Vessel of Love keeps me in check.

🔥 I’m ok with my ever evolving career and life. It’s what makes me me. I’m here to stir things up, to be creative and innovative and to help you to let go of whatever is holding you back! 



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