I'm on a mission to stop the endless  'shoulding on yourself' so that you build the life, relationships, and business you're made for. 

Hey! I'm Vickie

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While I had a lot to learn about marketing, I was hooked on entrepreneurship from the get-go!

I've just launched my first business, making Barbie clothes out of Kleenex and attempting to sell them to the boys across the street.

I'm operating a daycare during the day, a nail salon in the evenings, and a specialty foods business on the weekends, so that I can stay home with my children.

I was clueless about Human Design but even then this Manifesting Generator was a beast!

Fun fact! I won Business Person of the Year in 2007 as I had grown my little shop to iconic status around these parts. 

I open my first retail store 10 days before the world implodes. Despite overwhelming odds, we build a community and a thriving network of customers that spans 150 miles and 13 years. 

Our family life flows entirely with the rhythm of a retail business. My children learning customer service and entrepreneurship through osmosis.  

I close my store and head back to college. I study and certify in Holistic Nutrition, become a yoga teacher with an emphasis on senior caregivers, and pursue Reiki training. 

I do this because I have lost myself. My nest is empty, but not as empty as the gaping hole where my heart used to live. I have forgotten who I am without the basketball games, the weekend tournaments, the house full of teenagers.  

My husband snaps at me as I'm bitching about something after work one night
"You know, you're just not that nice anymore." 

And that changed everything.

He was right.

Someone offers me a lifeline in the form of a direct sales business.

 We have 2 children in post secondary school, me back in college, and a building that we cannot sell and can barely make payments on. 

 While closing my store, we end up in a boatload of debt with no way out. 

Through a series of unfortunate events...

While I'm not even remotely convinced that it will work, I dive in with both feet and go lady balls to the wall.  Within 14 months, I've reached the top 7% of the company and have a six figure salary to boot. 

We pay off 400k of debt in 4 years. I build my direct sales business alongside my holistic health practice, climbing all the way up to the top 1% of leaders.

My health practice and direct sales businesses are solid so I decide to take the leap into a partnership bricks and mortar shop. It's been a while since I've had a shop and I've missed it. It will be fun, I say! 

Doors open on March 7, 2020.
And you know what happened next, don't you? 

Upon reopening in June of 2020, my oldest friend, and one of the partners in the business, died unexpectedly. She would have been 49 the following month.

March 2020

When I say that I help you to build the life, the relationships, and the business you were designed for SO THAT you do what you came here to do before you run out of time, it's not just words.
It's something that I feel in my bones and it's something that I live, every damn day. Because one day, I'll wake up and it will be too late to do what I could have done.
And so will you.

Canada is on lockdown.  

My daughters and I open an online crystal shop after travelling to a wholesale vendor for my bricks and mortar store who had the incorrect hours on the website. 
(B2B businesses were allowed to be open during lockdown here)

We sit in the hotel over takeout and dream up another business.
By the time we went to bed that night we owned the website, the social media accounts, and had placed our first order for product.

We were in business!

And the rest, as they say, is history.

I've lost my footing. It feels like I'm floundering, with an unquenchable desire to find my purpose. 

Human Design brought me home to myself. 
Just like it does for every one of my clients.

After training with Karen Curry Parker, Phoebe Kuhn, and Ra Uru Hu (recorded trainings), I opened my own Human Design practice in late 2022.  

My secret sauce? 
I show you how to bring your human design to life in your business so that you have the impact you came here to have.

Because in the end, that's the only thing that matters.

🔥 I’m ok with my ever evolving career and life. It’s what makes me me. I’m here to stir things up, to be creative and innovative and to help you to let go of whatever is holding you back! 

💖 I’ve been married to the same guy for over 3 decades. His Cross of the Vessel of Love keeps me in check.

📺 If my life was a TV show, I'd love to say I'd be Beth Dutton but  the truth is I'd be Carrie from King of Queens

💕💕 I'm now Mimi to 4 precious souls.

🍫 My love of all things mint chocolate can't be beat!

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