Ready to get unstuck, take the bull by the horns and build the business you know you need to so that you can have the impact you're here to have?

Human Design Business Accelerator

Trouble is, you're not getting it done!  Not when it comes to building the business you know you're here to build. 
Sure, you have loads of ideas but they keep going on the back burner for 'when you have time.' 

Here's the thing.
Until you make this a priority, it won't happen.  I know you know that. 
You're a rip off the bandaid kind of girl.  You've tried the 8 week programs, the 6 month masterminds, the courses with co-working sessions so you actually do the work, and STILL, something is missing.

What if the answers aren't outside of you in all of those programs and courses?  
What if they're actually in aligning with the way you're DESIGNED to work?  
What if you leaned into your own energetic blueprint, instead of relying on the way everyone else does it? 


I know you.  You're the type of person who gets the job done.
Every. Damn. Time. 

If, on the other hand, you're ready to build your business your own way, successful as Gary Vee, I'm your girl. 

If that's what you're looking for, I'm not the person for you. 

You’re probably used to coaches following a framework and taking you through a perfect acronym like 'F.I.R.E ' :
F irst we do this.
I nstead we do that.
R eason says it must be this way.
E xactly as confused as you were before.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaches trying to do everything the ‘right way.’  I've tried to fit my multi-passionate self into every box there is.  

If you’re wondering how I can be inside your head, it’s because I’ve been there.


An in-depth business strategy session -
personalized for you - based on your unique Human Design and your unique business. 

1/2 day Business Intensive
( 4 hours, including at least one break)
30 days of follow-up support 💙

The Inferno 🔥 Business Accelerator


Vickie is the Skeleton Key that will help you break out of 'the box'.

- Karen Curry Parker

✨ Expect this Accelerator to take us through 30 days of work together.
You get 30 days of email support (in addition to our 4 hours in person together) so that you have the time you need to process, take action, and experience real results.

💪🏼 It's right back to work after the break. 
Hopefully, you will have eaten something, hydrated, and gotten outside or somewhere that allows you some space to feel into things for a bit. 
We'll go over the ins and outs of the plan and start to implement things,
right away, doing as much as we can in our session. 

😌 Then, we break. Trust me, you'll need a break from the fire that is Vickie inside of a business accelerator

🔥 You'll get my initial thoughts on a complete strategy to move your business forward. 

🖥️ Then, we'll audit (I know that's a scary word - don't worry!) your entire business.  We'll look at your current offers, your website, social media, and anything else that you have out there in the ethers.

💫 We'll start with your Human Design, of course!  Together we'll get a feel for the nuances of how your energy is designed to flow so that we set up your business in a way that feeds your life instead of sucking you dry.

What to expect from your Inferno 🔥 Accelerator:

What Clients Say

"I have learned more from you just in conversation and hearing you talk about Human Design than I have from anybody else! You truly are GIFTED in this!"

💙 Gaining clarity and owning your gifts can get messy. We're going to let it be messy. And then we're going to clean it up again and get you on your way!

🍪 There's no cookie cutter way to do this. This is why I don't promise a framework. It's unpredictable. We go in together and we don’t come out until we’ve got the answers. But don't worry. It's a 'no man left behind' situation.  You'll have my ongoing support as you build out the structure of your business, standing tall every step of the way. 💪🏼

🫣 You'll come in expecting a straight up strategy session and be gobsmacked when I hit on your core wound. 
You know the thing that stops you in your tracks every time? 
We'll uncover the shadow that’s running your life, and keeping you small in your business.  

WARNING: My approach is different. Because we are working with your Human Design, I see all of you, especially the parts that are holding you back from living your purpose and building the business you're here to build.

- Sarah Mertzlufft

“Vickie is so intuitive and knowledgeable and made the reading so much fun. The questions she asked and the way she understood parts of my design were a combination that no other coach I've ever talked to has had. ”

What Clients Say

The strategy for HOW you'll do it

The purpose you share with the world through your business.

Your unique message.

The secret sauce you bring to the table.

What's been holding you back.

You'll be absolutely clear on:

By the end of your session,

Client Results

When you click the link to sign up for a session, you'll be directed to the checkout. As soon as you pay, you'll be asked to book your session in my calendar. I'll also send an email confirmation with all the details

Choose a date and time

How it works:


Download your Human Design chart HERE. Check your email - I'll send a questionnaire for you to fill out. Make sure you complete it at least 72 hours before our session.

Do your Prep work


We'll meet on zoom. Come to our session hydrated, rested, and ready to work! We'll meet for 4 hours, with breaks as needed. 

business Accelerator session


You get 30 days of email support from me as you process, take action, and experience the results of your session!

follow-up support


- Michelle F.

“I want to thank you for all of your guidance, systems, and awareness especially around what I charge and how I overextend by giving away all of my time and energy for free. Having you coach me on why that is and how I want to be charging has made a huge difference.
Today is my first coaching call with a new client. The $6000.00 3 month package was a no brainer for both of us and felt amazing to watch the excitement on my clients face to have an opportunity to be coached by me.”

What They're Saying

Vickie gives people that ONE SENTENCE that changes everything in their business.

- Karen Curry Parker

Ready to get started?

Let's get down to business!


you may be wondering about some things...

Frequently Asked Questions

which type of session should I start with?

is it ok if I'm new to Human Design?

YES! Newbies are welcome!

Even if you’ve never heard of Human Design before, I promise you, it will change your life!

You can head on over to the blog to get a glimpse of what’s in store in a reading... check out THIS POST to see a mini reading video!

What exactly is Human Design?

Glad you asked!

I have a blog post answering that exact question... check it out HERE.

Can I hire you to speak in my business or provide these sessions to my clients?

YES! This is one of my favourite things to do! I am absolutely available to speak with your group, organization, team, workplace, or school.

Human Design is the most powerful tool that I have discovered. When every person has just a wee bit of insight into how they are designed to function best, the entire operation runs so much more smoothly.

Fill out my CONTACT FORM to get more information.

I've tried a lot of other things... will this actually work for me?

I feel you on this one. I was the perpetual seeker of knowledge - and to some degree I still am because one of the pieces of my own Human Design is a constant thirst for learning - I’m more at peace with it now though.

Deeply understanding my design, having been in my own experiment for a few years, I’m better able to centre myself and come back to my highest expression. I’m able to recognize when I’m living in the shadows and then use my other tools like journaling, essential oils, movement, yoga, breathwork, to go INSIDE for answers instead of always seeking outside of myself. 

Do you have a refund policy? What if I have to cancel a session?

Due to the fact that I begin designing our session as soon as it’s booked, there are no refunds. 

You may reschedule your reading within 48 hours of your appointment if absolutely necessary.