What if everything you believed about Napoleon Hill was a lie?

Napoleon Hill has just finished dinner and is about to retire to the study. His wife, Florence, demands he hang around a bit and talk about the elephant in the room.

Her manuscript.

Yes, hers.

Unlike his first two wives, she is unconcerned by his philandering, squandering of money, and verbal gun slinging. She only wants what’s hers.

After funding his dreams with family money for years, while silently toiling away on her life’s work, she’s done. She knows she’s meant for more.

But it’s 1935. She can’t write a book.

Scratch that.

She can’t publish a book but she sure as hell can write one.

And write one she did. 

The year is 1935.

Picture this:

'Think and Grow Rich.'

It’s a little gem called

Regardless of how the book came to be, it’s become a staple in the self help industry and it put good ole Napoleon on the map as the father of the movement.

But is this a title that he deserved?

✨ As an aside - did you know that Napoleon Hill was a Projector?

I wonder what resentments he held towards Florence for being able to write a bestseller when all of his books had been lackluster, at best?

We'll never know.

(you may have heard of it)

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