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- Lisa F

I ran the Planets program last night around 8pm proactively to counter the effects of the full moon.
I was in bed by 10 and slept 6.5 solid hours...which for me is amazing!
Usually during a full moon I'm up every 2 hours all night long!!!!!!!

- Pauline P

I love exploring different programs. There are endless options! I recently tried the Nerve program for my golfers elbow type of discomfort ( I’m a massage practioner and I haven’t had a massage in a while) The program definitely lessened the discomfort.
After just one application!

- Andrea S

I’m loving that my anxiousness at bedtime is no longer keeping me from falling asleep! Instead of lying in bed obsessing about things I can’t control, I’m finally falling asleep and staying asleep!

- Lori W

I find myself going back to the gold programs often, with release, balance and being my go to's this week. I love the description for being "what balance is for the body... being is for our soul, remain centered during life's turmoil".
I'm on week 8 of the 9 week Power of Three program and it’s difficult to put this one into words. I definitely have a feeling and a sense of slowing down, listening to what my body needs and following through.

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