Can you love yourself?

As we enter a new year, a new decade even, I’m wondering how big of an impact we could have, collectively, if we were ‘simply’ to come from love.

Of course, there’s nothing simple about it though, is there? Coming from love can be the hardest thing, especially because in order to come from love, we have to have love for ourselves first. Therein lies the rub my friends.

Have you heard it said that ” You wouldn’t allow a friend to talk to you that way so why do you talk to yourself that way?” That’s an easier question asked than answered!! If only we could stop ourselves so easily.

It’s hard to catch ourselves in the moment and to realize that it actually is a big deal when we say things like;

They’ll never hire me.

Why would I think I’d get the promotion?

I’m so ugly.

My nose is too big.

I’d maybe be alright if I could lose my fat belly.

I hate the way I look in my clothes.

Why did I say that? I’m so stupid.

They don’t want to hear what I think.

They’re all smarter than me.

We do it ALL DAY LONG and we think nothing of it. We go to yoga classes, take online courses, get massages, go out with the girls, search for enlightenment outside of ourselves, all along trying to show the world that we value ‘self-care’ and ‘self-love’ yet our inside voice would strongly disagree.

I find that when I get down to the crux of it, it’s so much easier to love a child (or an animal) than it is an adult, especially myself. An inner child meditation can be a powerful tool in changing the way that we look at ourselves and the words that we habitually choose to say to the most important person in our Universe. That’s YOU in case you missed it.

I’ve included a meditation here for you. It will take about 10 minutes and you can use it as often as you wish.

Here’s to a decade filled with self-love in its truest, purest form.


Inner Child Meditation Audio

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