A bloodbath in my Range Rover

I hear myself being referred to (hopefully lovingly) as the nutritionist who tells it like it is.  The girl for whom nothing relating to women’s health is off limits.  However, I hope you’re ready for this story about periods.

I went through a period of time, about 6 years actually, where my periods were horrendous.  I’m talking like a scene out of Shark Week. Soaked clothing, cancelled appointments, missed outings due to a fear of an “accident.”  It was truly awful.  There seemed to be no end to it if I didn’t want radical medical intervention or an IUD (which some, myself included, would consider radical intervention.)

So… as I normally do, I took the long way around.  Through nutrition, supplements, exercise (the right kind of exercise) and the help of essential oils, I was able to bring my periods back to ‘normal’. They went from 7-10 days to 4 days.  From 3-4 days of practically hemorrhaging  to just one bad day.  From Jack the Ripper like PMS to manageable grumpiness.  In 90 days.

Then, I got lazy.  I started to let myself off the hook with exercise, slacked off on my nutrition, and didn’t take my sleep as seriously.  I stopped taking my womens health supplements.  I’m sad to report that I feel like I’m back at square one.  On a 1.5 hour drive home last night, it happened again.  I soaked through everything.  I was so pissed when I got out of my car to come into the house – shower, wash my clothes, pad everything up again.  For friggs sakes!!!!!  If that wasn’t bad enough, when I went out to get in my car this morning, you guessed it, my seat is covered.  I thought I was mad last night?

I’m mad at myself because I teach this stuff for crying out loud!!!

Why oh why do we do this?  Why do we allow ourselves to go from on top of the world, feeling fantastic, to back to our old habits?  We get busy and it’s easy for one pizza as a treat to lead to one pizza a week.  It’s easy for “I’ll just stay up a little later and work for tonight” to turn into days, weeks, months of staying up too late.

It’s easy to miss yoga class after yoga class, telling ourselves that we’ll do it at home.  Does anyone exercise, meditate, stretch, fill in the blank, as much at home as they would if they had someone instructing or pushing them?

It’s SO HARD to plan meals and grocery shop for the week with intention when we’re running like crazy!

But it’s a necessary evil if we want to feel our best.  If we want to have the energy and vitality that we did a decade ago, it takes some work.  If we want to actually fit into our pants (other than leggings), it’s going to take some planning. And, if we want to stop the bleeding (literally and figuratively) we need to step it up a notch ladies.

Imagine if someone offered you a solution that would take just 90 days.  Would you grab onto that lifeline?

I’ve got that lifeline and I implore you to grab on.  It’s so much better on the other side of the 90 days!! I’ve been there before and I’m doing it again.  Join me?

To work with Vickie, reach out by email to schedule your complimentary Health on Purpose Discovery session.  You’ll get some tips to help you to improve your health(and periods) from where you are today and a plan of action for moving forward.  What have you got to lose?

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