You only get one body……

My morning run typically gives me time to reflect on what’s going on in my world.   Some days, it happens right out of the gate, other days I may not get deep into thought until deep into the run.  Today was the latter.

I’ve been spending a lot of time over the last couple of weeks digging into my case studies, evaluating the health concerns, writing recommendations, digging for solutions, etc.  This is the part of the job that I love. It’s like being a nutrition and lifestyle detective.  For any of you who know my story, you know that it can be the most seemingly insignificant thing that can be having a detrimental effect on your health. If you don’t know my story, you’ll find it in my very first blog article – keep scrolling.

What I’m about to write about hurts me.  As a woman, as a mom, as a human being.  Out of my 14 case studies, 2 are men and one is a child.  That means that I have 11 women.  Without exception, every single one of them wants to lose weight. Whether they need to or not.  Even those that are at their “ideal weight” – whatever that is,  or those who look spectacular already.  It’s almost like this….. Because I am a woman, I should be doing something about my weight.

Maybe that’s not entirely accurate. Perhaps it’s too much of a blanket statement, however, my experiences in dealing with women have shown me that it is the norm to be unhappy with our weight, shape, size, whatever.  Please God, don’t let us pass this on to our daughters.  But how can we not?

When I had the store, a day didn’t go by that at least a handful of women weren’t beating themselves up in front of that change room mirror.  WHY is this?? There is so much more to life than the size of your butt!  What about your health?  What about jumping out of bed each morning because you have so much zest for life that you can’t lie there any longer?  Isn’t THAT something worth going after?

By no means am I saying I’m completely buzzed at my naked self in the mirror, but I do try.  I’m a mom.  I have a mom looking body.  No matter how thin I am, you will always be able to look at my belly and know that people lived inside of it, and that’s ok.   Sometimes I actually say that to myself out loud.  “People lived here.   The world is a better place because 3 amazing people lived inside of this body.  This is where they got their start.”

What a privilege that is to be able to say.  No man can say that.   You also won’t hear men around the water cooler lamenting about their hips!  So on this one, let’s take a lesson from the guys.  Be ok with all of you.   If you’re not happy, work on that.  If you’re not healthy, work on that.  The pounds will follow.

I leave you with one thought.  This is a “Glenda-ism”  Glenda is a dear friend of mine who seems to ground me when I need it the most.  I saw this on a sign in her store and have loved it since.   “Why not fall in love with the body you’ve been sleeping with all your life?”

Why not indeed?

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