A Weight Loss trick you’ll want to have up your sleeve.

I’m not one to do big product pushes on my blog. However, I feel like this is something you should know about.  The thing is, I have some clients who are using essential oils for weight loss,  and they’ve found one that really does take away their cravings for sweets and supports a healthy metabolism.

No, it’s not a magic pill.  You can’t hit the McDonald’s drive-through every morning for breakfast, skip lunch, grab pizza for dinner and expect this to work!  I know… it’s scary how I know that’s what you’re doing right?

Essential oils have many healing properties and can bring the body back into balance, but they do not work alone. They are part of the puzzle.  Of course, you need to be eating whole, nutrient-rich foods, removing packaged foods from your diet, exercising, drinking water, and limiting caffeine and alcohol. 

Your diet decisions matter. They absolutely matter! Essential oils are more like little boosters to get you going and assist you in killing your cravings for sweets.

If you’re interested in trying them yourself, I’d be happy to offer you a one-on-one consultation to see if this could help you in your weight loss efforts! 

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