Where to apply Essential Oils – download your cheat sheet here

Without a doubt, the question that I am asked most often is this; “Where should I put the essential oils on my body?”

The easiest thing to do, in most cases, is to put them where it hurts!  If you have a headache, apply the oils to your head.  Belly ache? Put the oils on your belly.  If you have knee pain, put the oils on your knee.  Makes sense?

In some cases, you’re not going to be able to do that so you can use this chart for reference.

Guess what my second question is.

“Why do we put essential oils on our feet?”

That’s a great question!  Here’s why we teach to use the bottoms of the feet when using essential oils:

– The skin on the feet is less likely to be sensitive

-According to Chinese medicine, all energy meridians in the body begin in the feet.

-Reflexology teaches us that the entire body is mapped on the feet – organs, body systems, bones, all of it.

-The soles of the feet are porous.   If you have an infant, try this to see how porous the feet are.  Apply garlic to the bottom of the baby’s feet, and you’ll be able to smell it on the baby’s breath in less than a minute.  #truestory

If you don’t have doTERRA’s reflexology chart, you’ll want to  download it too!

Hopefully this is a useful tool for you. Enjoy!

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