Breaking Free

I have lived in the same centuries old home for most of my life.  

As a toddler, my grandfather lived here and had a small hobby farm with sheep.

We moved in when I was 10 years old and really, apart from a couple of years in another house, I’ve been here ever since.

This can play on me from time to time.  It can feel small. I’d love to say that it always feels “meant to be” but it doesn’t. About a year ago, it was suffocating me. I felt that being in the same place for one’s entire life could only be a bad thing, so we listed our home for sale.

It didn’t last long.  Having strangers through your house is stressful!!

Fast forward a year.  We still look at houses and fantasize about moving, but we’ve been working on our place (again) to make it “stretch” a bit more.

It’s a funny thing.  My income with doTERRA allows me now to really be able to purchase about any home that we’d like to live in, but I find myself wanting to live here.

We looked at a house over the weekend that made my husband’s heart soar.  The property was one of our dreams. The home was cozy and felt like it could be us.  We were ready to put an offer in on the spot but then we took some time to mull it over.

We talked it out ad nauseum and decided to sleep on it.  

In the morning, I was tempted to say to Pete, “At the count of 3, say yes or no,” but then I was afraid we’d have different answers and then what?

When it came down to it, we both felt the same way.  Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

Our little home is fine for now.  It’s been fine through years of raising three children with one bathroom.  It’s been fine through years of two girls sharing a room. It’s been fine with nowhere but the kitchen table to do homework. It’s been fine with one TV – yes, one. One TV and one bathroom.  #truestory

Our cozy, historic, family home, along with the mounds of debt that we accumulated through a series of unfortunate events (which you can read about here) will be completely paid off within 4-6 months. There’s power in that. I want to feel what being 100% debt free feels like. I want to have choices. I want to know that when the next recession hits (which it most certainly will) or when Pete wants to take a month off or when we want to travel, that we can do exactly that.  Debt is a chain around you. I have felt these chains and know the strangling curse that is debt. I don’t want to live there anymore.

That’s not to say that we won’t one day move.  It’s to say that we are no longer willing to go to the next shiny object, just because.

doTERRA wants to be known as the company that brings the most people out of debt.   There is nothing I’ve ever experienced that is like the taste I have in my mouth for this.   

If you want to feel what paying off your debt would do for you and your family, why don’t you join me?

Give it 10 hours a week for a year and see if you don’t end up in a better position than you are today.  

“If you do what you’ve always done, you will continue to have what you’ve always had.”

Step out of your comfort zone with me.  Let’s go together.

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