The Universe has My Back!

We have just come through a few days of roller coaster like emotions, but the universe took care of it all!

Let me give you some background.

I have lived in the same house since I was 10 years old. We purchased it from my parents (who purchased from my grandfather) and of course have renovated and made it our own over the last 3 decades of owning it.
For the last 3 years, I’ve had the itch to move. We need a bit more space. The kids come home and bring more people now. Our family is expanding and it can be tight in our small home. My business is changing and growing and needs space to do so.

We’ve gotten close to purchasing a couple of times and even bought a cottage in the summer but still haven’t found just the right house. Before you ask, yes, it’s on my vision board!

A couple of weeks ago, we went to look at a house and really, really liked it. The living space is huge. We could picture our large family gatherings there with everyone able to visit in the open kitchen, dining, and living spaces. The backyard would allow for my outdoor office days, has a beautiful fence, mature trees, storage, and even a play structure for our not yet born grandchildren. It seemed almost perfect.

Is it my dream house? No.
But, is it larger and more livable than my current home? Yes.
Also, is it the change I’ve been craving? Yes.
Can I picture my life there with large family gatherings? Hells yes.

Was it meant to be? Looks like No.

Here’s what happened and it was a reminder that the Universe has my back!

We went back to look at the house late last week and started to work on an offer with our fantabulous agent, Linda Hewson. Seriously – click that button and reach out to her if you need an agent. The woman’s attention to detail and patience astounds me. Like I said, we’ve been looking for a house for 3 YEARS with her.

Anyway, the offer goes in and does the usual back and forth – nothing serious. We are 25 minutes away from the deadline for an accepted offer last night – 25 minutes!!!! Linda gets a call from the selling agent asking us to extend the deadline as they are expecting another offer and want to compare them before deciding on ours. We did not extend and so the offer died. Within the hour, we heard that they were working with the other potential buyers.

Can you say WOW? Now, maybe this means nothing to you. Maybe you’re thinking, “well Vickie, that happens all the time.” Fair enough. I choose to see another hand in it- that someone or something was helping me to not move forward with something that wasn’t to be mine. I also know that if it is meant to be mine, that will happen. What is for you will not pass you.

There have been so many times in my life where something like this has happened. I’ve learned to pray for ‘this or something better’ because I know that someone is looking out for my highest good.

How many times in your life has something happened to save you from yourself?
How many little ‘saves’ have you experienced?

Have you ever been falling asleep at the wheel and been awakened by a big noise or a jerking of your car? Or been ‘late’ for something important, only to find out about an accident that you would have likely been a part of had you not been behind? Has the right person crossed your path at exactly the right moment in time?

We can all find many, many times when the Universe is looking out for us OR we can choose to go on about our days and think that things are happening to us and not for us. Which way would you rather live?

Personally, I like it when the universe is on my side!

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