Meanings in numbers

I spent the weekend being surrounded by the number 6.
My orders at the store came to totals like 666.67 – 16.66, etc.

I began to notice it more and more. License plates would either be a series of 6’s or be things that added to 6 like 5’s and 1’s, 2’s and 4’s – that sort of thing.

I’d look down at my CD player and it would be on track 6.
Too many sightings of the number 6 to mention here for sure but you get the gist.

Do you ever notice the same numbers showing up over and over and over again in your life? Have you ever wondered what it’s all about, or do you pass it off just as “neat” or “interesting” ? Do you even notice it when this happens?

Here’s what I did. I thanked my guides for sending me this message and then I looked up the spiritual meaning of the number 6.

“Balance, turn your focus inward, focus on domestic issues. You’ve been too outward focused and need to get back in tune with yourself and your loved ones.”

Mic drop.

Lately, my life has been feeling a bit off balance. Actually, not my life, but my soul. She seems unsettled and heavier than usual. I haven’t been doing the things that normally bring her peace and joy like practicing yoga, meditation, Reiki and running. (not on a regular basis anyway) I haven’t been spending time alone like I know that I need to. I’ve been racing towards an invisible “finish line” that once I cross, I know I’ll discover is actually a beginning and not a finish.

My love language is spending time together and I haven’t been taking the time to spend it with the people that I love.  I’m missing the boat here!

Why oh why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we forget to connect with ourselves before connecting with others? And why is it often the first thing that we let slide instead of the thing that we guard with every inch of ourselves? Can we just agree to do the things that make us happy and content and then worry about the rest of life?  I’m betting it will keep!

So thank you number 6. That sounds like a line from Sesame Street. Here’s the site that I often use for detailed descriptions of numbers. Enjoy !

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