Peppermint oil – exposed

There are many systems that peppermint essential oil will support in the body. It can seem kind of radical to use a drop of peppermint sometimes though, can’t it? I say that and yet I wonder why it seems radical to use something that the earth gives us and more reasonable to use something created in a lab?  Sometimes I don’t get us as humans!
Here’s the thing. Your body recognizes plant material. When we use an essential oil (that has not been adulterated) the body can put it to use quickly. It doesn’t have to think about what exactly this is and convert it to something it can use. It just knows what to do with it.  Plants are carbon based and we are carbon based.

Why use peppermint oil?

– it’s easy to grab and go
– proven safe
– it’s affordable ( 14 cents a drop!)
– very fast acting
– it works

What do you use peppermint oil for?

-digestive discomforts
-digestive support (ongoing)
-increasing feelings of alertness
-reducing the severity of a hot flash
-insect and rodent repellent
-nausea relief
-muscle tension and strain
-respiratory system support

How do you use peppermint oil?

-apply it to your temples for a headache
-rub it on sore muscles
-apply it to your belly for digestive support
-diffuse or inhale from the bottle for respiratory support
-place a drop under your tongue to freshen breath and to support the digestive system
-use in a diffuser to increase alertness and to feel invigorated
-dab on the back of your neck to reduce the severity of a hot flash

A phrase that I use often is this; Put it where it hurts!  If your belly is aching, apply the oil there. If your neck is tense, apply the oil there.  When you’re using peppermint oil topically, you’ll want to dilute it with a carrier oil.  A carrier oil is simply a vegetable oil that is used to “carry” the essential oil into the tissues.  It reduces skin sensitivity with essential oils, especially oils that are hot and/or spicy like peppermint can be.

Because peppermint is a food you can consume, you can safely consume doTERRA peppermint oil. Remember that a little goes a long way.  Typically, essential oils will be 70-85 times more potent than herbs.  This is not something that you need to use in large amounts.  A little goes a long way.

My question to you is this, if you knew that you could use something that cost very little, worked very quickly, that your body recognizes and is simple to use, would you? If the answer to that question is yes, we need to chat.  Let’s sit down and go over how essential oils can become part of your health care regime.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, I promise.

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