What if Self Care isn’t what we think it is?

Can I ask you something? When you hear the words ‘self care’ what comes to mind?

Do you picture someone basking in the glow of a mud bath or frolicking in hydra pools at a spa?

Does it bring to mind getting a massage or pedicure? Maybe taking the time for a long, hot bath with a glass of wine? Spending time in a salt room or having a Reiki treatment?

What if self-care is less glamorous than all of that? That it’s meant to be a more regular occurrence in our lives?

What if it’s actually in the little things we do (or don’t do) for ourselves?

Imagine if the ultimate self-care is actually feeding yourself well. Eating a diet that’s rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, and adequate protein while avoiding junk food and sugar fixes.

What if self care is drinking enough water every day? Or that moving your body daily is really better self-care than going to the spa once a month?

Imagine if meditating or spending time in nature, on the regular, meant more than checking yourself in for a yoga retreat once a year?

What if spending time with people you love, and who love you back fed your soul as much as heading off on a vacation did?

You know what? I believe it does. I believe that all of these seemingly small things send a big message to the Universe, and to you that you are worthy. Taking care of you each and every day says I’m cared for and I value myself enough to take care. Daily care. The kind of care that can really add up to something big.

What say you?

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