Tired of Counting Sheep?

The joke in our house used to be that Vickie hadn’t slept since the baby was born.  Guess what? The baby is 20 and my lack of sleep isn’t funny anymore.

I was ok (that’s what I told myself anyway) in my regular, everyday life, doing what I’d always done and being busy with the kids.  I ran our lives, and my business,  on autopilot, and about once a month (coinciding with my cycle if you must know) I would have a knockdown, drag-out sleep.

As I said, this went on for TWENTY years.

Imagine how my body aged inside without proper sleep cycles! I shudder to think of it.

Fast forward to last year. I went back to school and it kicked me in the ass.  I was falling asleep at my desk and the drive home bordered on dangerous.  There were days last winter when I drive in minus 30 weather, with my sunroof open, to stay awake.

Enter Vetiver oil.

Quite literally, it saved me.  This rich, syrupy oil is harvested in Haiti (if you’re purchasing quality oils) and has a calming and grounding effect on emotions. It relaxes me within moments and I fall into a deep, restful sleep.  Even if I’m in a hotel with a bunch of girls, I can put my vetiver on and be out within 10 minutes.  Even if they’re talking and laughing, or watching TV, I will be out cold. What a gift.

If you’re experiencing sleep disturbances, you know how a lack of sleep affects your mood, your weight, your ability to handle stress (which affects your relationships), your skin, and your overall health.   You may feel like you’re in a fog most of the time – I know I did.

Vetiver has stopped that vicious sleep cycle for me, and it may work for you too.

Vetiver also has immune-supporting properties and is supportive of cognitive function, which is a good thing with my family medical history.

I use it on my feet at bedtime (the feet are porous and a good place to apply the oils as they are quickly absorbed into the cells) 2 drops a night and I sleep like a baby.

It should also be noted that the harvesting of this oil creates 7,000 jobs in Haiti due to co-impact sourcing. THAT’S a win-win!

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