To Thine Own Self be True

I did something yesterday that I have never done before.

I turned someone away who needed my help. Gosh, it makes me feel dirty just saying it. It was done politely and it was necessary but still!!

You see, I made a decision a few months ago only to work with people who are ready for me. Sort of an embodiment of the phrase “to thine own self be true.”

It happened after I went through an in-depth process with a success coach (Shelli Warren of SheConnex) to define my brand and my “tribe.”

Throughout the process, I learned a lot about myself, as a professional, and as a human being.

The biggest takeaway of our work was this: I’m not into convincing people. If I have to convince you, or drag you along, then the universe is telling us something.

I’m not for everyone and that’s ok. It’s not my job to be. My job is to know whom I serve, and to serve them well.

It’s part of being true to myself.

I’m fired up to work with people who are READY for change. Those who believe that they’re worth it. This doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect, or never cheat. It’s bigger than that. It’s an innate knowing that you are worthy of change and the results that change will bring you.

You see, once you decide that you’re worth the effort it will take, the battle is already won. Until you take that one step, you will find excuse after excuse to stay where you are – stuck.

That’s not something that I can be a part of.  I don’t have it in me.

Einstein said; “Nothing happens until something moves.”

That something is you.

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