The Winds of Change

3 years ago, I had a picture of a car on my Vision Board. This car. My old Camry was approaching 400,000 km’s and with me travelling solo so often, we were worried that she would die on me. We needed a change.


We purchased the car in the picture (another Camry of course) and have loved her for 3 years. Our daughter still drives our old Camry, which now has 425,000 km’s and is still going strong!

What’s the point of all of this you may ask? Why is this nutritionist and Essential Oils enthusiast talking about her car?? Who cares?

I’ll tell you why:

2 years ago we were going through what I hope will be the biggest financial collapse of our lives. We had, what I like to refer to as a Divine Storm. Something bigger than us was stepping in and whipping us around. I believe that it was the Universe saying: “How badly do you want this? How much comfort are you willing to give up to make it happen? How much is it worth to you to change your life? “

To which we answered, many times, in silent prayer.  More.

For 13 years, I ran an extremely successful retail business. I loved my business and my life. Until I didn’t. Never one to rest on my laurels, I decided to go balls out and close the place down, going back to school to pursue a new passion and direction with my life.

Little did I know that when you go balls out, you often meet with resistance, lots of it.

The kind of resistance that makes you question your every move. The kind that keeps you up at night thinking; “Dear God, what have I done? Will my family recover from the stress and strain of the change that I am putting on us? Is it worth it in the end? How will this EVER come together for our good? “

The kind of resistance that wakes you in the middle of the night and you say to your husband “I need to quit. It’s the only way we’ll survive.” Thankfully, I have the kind of husband who said: “You’re not quitting. This is temporary and we WILL survive.” Don’t believe us, just watch 😉 (a little note from my favourite GSD –get shit done – song)

Long story less long (it will never be short with me talking!) the closure of our business did not go as planned. We hit the bricks with several buyers and ended up in a mountain of debt, keeping the place going, and full of inventory for longer than expected.

My husband, who is self-employed was out of work for several weeks.

At the first job he went to quote that spring, his truck died, on the drive home. He needed a vehicle to work.

We had one child in university and one in college

I was in college.

We had an empty building with a mortgage, heat, taxes, etc. that we had no way of paying for.

We were drowning, plain and simple.

I was working at a Health Food Store, part-time, for minimum wage. It wasn’t even covering ½ of our groceries.

Around this time, an old friend started messaging me about doTERRA essential oils. She knew of my business background and knew that I have a passion for health and wellness. My picture was on HER vision board.

What she did not know was how desperate we were for an answer. How could she? Everyone seemed to think that we were on top of the world.  If they had only known.

I would read her messages and honestly (don’t tell Patty) think to myself, “Is this woman insane?” Does she know how busy I am? Where does she think I’ll find the time? I’m 43 years old and studying Chemistry for goodness sake! My brain is DONE trying to change. Essential Oils? How much can they really do? Really? MLM – dear God, no.

Little by little, she wore down my defences.

To this day, I have no idea what made me finally say yes. A Divine Storm of another sort, perhaps? I’ll never understand why on that particular day, the answer was yes but I am eternally grateful that it was.

Back to my car;

Do you know what my big question for Patty was? Can I make my car payment?

I have no idea why, in my mind, that was going to keep us above water. I was cracking and it seemed as good a thing to hold onto as any, I guess. Then, Patty told me: “I can’t make income promises but I think that’s a very reasonable goal.”

Fast forward 18 months.

Today, I paid off my car in full. 25 months early. Do you know what it feels like to drive a 3 year old vehicle, that’s paid in full? Do you want to know?  Maybe for you, that’s not a stretch but from what we’ve come through, let me tell you, it’s no small miracle.

Do you know what it’s like to go from sleepless nights of wondering what will happen next week when the LOC is full? How will you live? To be so embarrassed that this is your life- living in constant fear of the next day, the next emergency or expense.  To be embarrassed to stand at the bank teller because she can SEE what your life is really like?

I do. And I never want to go back there again.

You may have bigger goals than paying your car off. For us, it’s the first of many things that need to be taken care of to get us back on solid footing.

Thank you for being my witness on this journey. A dear friend, a Shaman, tells me that we need a witness in our lives. You are my tribe and you are my witnesses. I’m happy that you’re here and for some reason, that our paths have crossed.

I will be eternally grateful to my special friend, Patty Hulce, for introducing me to doTERRA and for believing in me when I no longer believed in myself.  For seeing something in me that made her know that doTERRA was a fit for me and me for it. For helping me change.

I needed to find a purpose and a vehicle for helping my clients to make the changes they desire. I had no idea that doTERRA would provide that vehicle. Nutrition and essential oils are my gateway. They are the modality that I use to educate and empower women to make the changes required to live their best lives.

I needed an answer for my own life.  I was ready for real change.  As Wayne Dyer would say; “When we are ready, the teacher appears.”

The trick is to be listening when it knocks on your door. shutterstock_127083863

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