Oh the faces we wear in our life

The great Shelli Warren interviewed me yesterday about my life.

Today, I’m running over the things that I wish I’d said differently. To be honest, I don’t really know how I answered most of her questions because I still find it interesting that my journey has value for someone else.

We forget that about ourselves, don’t we?  Often we’re just living our lives and not seeing how we really are all connected.

Shelli said that in my previous life of running my retail business, she never would have guessed in a million years that I was anything less than living my dream and feeling totally fulfilled.

Which could be a good thing, but it also got me to thinking:                         profile pic?

How many of us are putting on masks each morning?

How many of us do our hair, get dressed, put our jewelry and lipstick on, and then throw our “public face” on for good measure?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I think we should be moaning and groaning about what we’re doing. But how about showing our authentic selves more freely? What if we quit feeling like we have to be perfect and show up in the world OWNING our shit?

How would my journey have been different if I had said to just ONE PERSON – you know, my soul is dying here, instead of being afraid that it would “get out” and my business would suffer?

How many of you are feeling the same things? I know in my heart that it’s a lot because I hear it every day in my nutrition practice. Women come in and sit by the fire with me and start to talk. Our ½ hour consultations normally run for 3 x that amount of time. We don’t talk about nutrition – or we just barely cover it. What women need most is an ear, an outside source, a safe place to lay their shit down. It’s too heavy to carry all by yourself!!

So what I’ve learned to do is to hold space for my clients. Sometimes, that’s what they need more than anything. Once a woman feels heard, there’s not stopping her.   Then we can start the work.

My gateway is through nutrition and essential oils – supporting the self while you do the work. It’s a practice of bringing mind, body and spirit together, correcting imbalances so that you can step into your brilliance and conquer the big things in life.

You just have to decide that you’re ready to live your best life. That’s the rub.

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