Thank you Marilyn Dennis!

My phone has been dinging like crazy, all afternoon.  Guess what the buzz is?  Essential Oils were featured on the Marilyn Dennis show today, as a way to relieve stress!  Who knew?

I did.

I’ve been trying to tell you this!  Here’s the thing.  All of a sudden, essential oils are on everyone’s radar.  We must remember though, that they are not new. They are natural healing compounds. The immune system of the plant. Our ancestors used essential oils and plant properties to support their wellness and to encourage healing.  Our bodies know this.  We know how to heal ourselves intuitively.  If we give it food that it recognizes, exercise, breathe, get some sunshine, and reduce the toxins we are ingesting and inhaling, the body does good work.   It was designed to be WELL.

Dr. Christiane Northrup has a saying that I love.

In her family, they have a deal: Happy, Healthy, Dead.  I love this!!  Who wants to be old just for the sake of being old?  I want to die young, as late as possible, and  I’m going to give my body every good thing that I can to ensure that happens.  Essential oils are a part of my wellness plan.

In our home, we use oils for relaxation, focus, and aching muscles.

They also help with occasional headaches, sleeplessness, snoring, immune support, healthy skin, hair and nails, balanced mood, PMS issues, and more.  We use essential oils every day and I hope that them becoming more mainstream encourages you to try them too.  It’s funny how we sometimes need someone “famous” to tell us something’s good for us.  Just wait until they hit Dr. Oz  (insert my evil wink here)

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of essential oils, I encourage you to attend one of my free workshops in the Ottawa area or find a Wellness Educator near you.  Remember that as with anything else, you get what you pay for and you should only purchase quality oils from someone you trust.

In case you missed the Marilyn Dennis show today, here’s a link to the 12-minute youtube video on reducing stress over the holidays.  Skip to the 6-minute mark to hear about essential oils.shutterstock_242124049

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