Taking care…..

So.. you haven’t heard from me in a while.  For those who follow me elsewhere, you know that I’m travelling with doTerra, educating people about the benefits of using essential oils.  I have to say that keeping up with my exercise and nutrition regime while on the road is hard.  I haven’t been very successful so far and have gotten way off track.  Between the time changes, numerous flights, late-night classes, and team training, I have let my health slide and I’m not proud of that.  But, it can be a lesson for us all.  EVERYONE gets off track from time to time.  It’s getting back on track that counts.

That’s what I did this weekend.  Pete is away so I was able to hunker down and get some food ready for the freezer, prepare snacks ahead, and add juicing to my daily schedule.  I’m not sure why it’s easier to set up the kitchen when he’s away but there you have it.  To tell the truth, this time of self-care has been a long time coming.  While studying for my exam and teaching, as far back as August, food prep was the last thing on my mind.  I am a nutritionist who had an empty fridge!  My poor family.

I had let my running fall by the wayside while travelling and started back to it on Saturday.  What a rude awakening that was! I’ve added kettle bells (just so you know, Bob Harper is trying to kill me) and yoga.  I find that when I start back into something, 2 work-outs a day is what works for me to establish a routine. I am DESPERATE to feel good again.  My poor body is not used to the demands on it and getting so little in return, and it’s time to care about it again.

Food for thought:  Starting is hard.  Keeping going is easier.  Once you take that first step, and your mind determines to see it through, you’re golden.  It’s taking that step that is the biggest obstacle.  Thank goodness I was ready before I fly out again. I should be able to catch up and stay on track this time.  I’ll keep you posted.

What do you find works for you while on the road?  Any tips to share?  I’d love to hear them!

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