Running down a dream

3 years ago today, I got the validation that I needed.

You see, I’d taken our family to the brink of bankruptcy with a poor decision that cost us what seemed like everything, at the time.

Little did we know that the opportunity of a lifetime would be dropped in my lap (thank you Patty Hulce) and that I would run with it, like it was the only thing I had left to hold on to.

Of course, I’m talking about doTERRA and the opportunity to merge this with my holistic health practice.  It was magic.

3 years ago, on April 30th, I took a small team of just 400 people to the rank of Diamond, becoming a member of the top 2% of leaders in the company. That may not mean a lot to most people but what it meant to me was that I could fix the mess that I had made. I could earn a solid, residual income, while helping people to better their health. Not to mention empowering my customers and my team members physically, emotionally, and financially. I had purpose again.

Since then, my team has grown more than 10 x that size to over 4500 members. We are expanding in 13 countries, growing globally every day. Now in the top 1% of leaders, I’m not slowing down anytime soon.

If you’ve been on the journey with me – whether you’ve purchased an essential oil or doTERRA product, shared a post, interacted online, attended a workshop, or joined my team, I am thankful for you!!

If you’ve been watching me and wondering, “Could I do that?” then we should get together soon for a coffee.   The answer is most probably yes. You won’t believe what’s waiting for you on the other side of that question.

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