Be Sun Smart with your Essential Oils

As the sun begins to shine more often in our part of the world, you’ll want to be mindful of using citrus and some other oils topically.

Why? Because some essential oils contain furocoumarins, a special class of constituent that can cause photosensitization of the skin.

Oils containing furocoumarins can cause sensitivity to radiant energy (sunlight). In this case, the oils (mostly citrus but some others) react with the UV rays of the sun and cause a reaction on the skin- such as a rash or hives.

In a nutshell, this is a mild irritation caused by a reaction with the sun.  Although not serious, try to avoid it if possible.

Avoid exposure for 12 hours after topical use of these oils.

Your citrus oils are still fun to use in the diffuser, and some may be used internally (see labeling or your holistic healthcare provider) to support detox in the body and to flavour foods. However, topical use should probably be shelved until summer is over. Sorry!

Oils to avoid using topically in the sun include:

Wild Orange




Also avoid using the blends that contain these oils topically prior to sun exposure.  You can find more information here:

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