A Human Design Perspective on building the life, relationships and business you were made for.

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Listener Reviews

- Tessa, Manifesting Generator

"I loved it! I took 2 pages of notes - I felt validated and I make more sense to myself after listening. :)"

- Carissa, Projector

"This episode will really help people understand Projectors👉👉 👉 we're not always tired, we LOVE to be invited to do work and be recognized for it, and we sometimes need to sleep in the guest room!!! 🤣😴😆"

- Allison, Manifestor

"I felt like I was sitting in a room listening to you talk, not that it was a podcast in my phone. I felt seen in that podcast, but also went "oh my gosh yes!" When you described something I didn't know."

- Kristine, Manifesting Generator

"I LEARNED WAY MORE THAN I could have ever imagined ABOUT MYSELF and how I’m designed to live. Now, I cannot wait for the next episodes!"

- Sharon, Generator

"So to be brutally honest, I wouldn't put this out because it's too factual and there's no juice for me. "

I'm Vickie Dickson

💥 I'm a 2/4 Manifesting Generator, so intensity is the name of the game in my own Human Design.

✨ I deliver Human Design in a way that is actually usable in life, business and relationships.

meet your host

➡️  I am a Human Design Quad Right, so I see the big picture. Only .05 % of the population has it, so it's kind of a big deal!

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I get it. Human Design lingo can seem weird at first.

This guide covers the basics so you can make sense of your own Human Design chart... and *bonus*... you'll be able to keep up with me when I talk about things like 'Inner Authority' or 'Channels' or 'Gates'! (iykyk)

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