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Listener Reviews

- Tessa, Manifesting Generator

"I loved it! I took 2 pages of notes - I felt validated and I make more sense to myself after listening. :)"

- Carissa, Projector

"This episode will really help people understand Projectors👉👉 👉 we're not always tired, we LOVE to be invited to do work and be recognized for it, and we sometimes need to sleep in the guest room!!! 🤣😴😆"

- Allison, Manifestor

"I felt like I was sitting in a room listening to you talk, not that it was a podcast in my phone. I felt seen in that podcast, but also went "oh my gosh yes!" When you described something I didn't know."

- Kristine, Manifesting Generator

"I LEARNED WAY MORE THAN I could have ever imagined ABOUT MYSELF and how I’m designed to live. Now, I cannot wait for the next episodes!"

- CdePosada

What I love about this podcast is that it gives you permission to be you without allowing you to use “you” as an excuse to not live the life of your dreams.

So do you — and go after it your way — this podcast will help you learn how.

Permission to be you

- Laurie-Ann Murabito

Vickie had me right from the very first episode. I love the way she explains the different types and dives into the nitty gritty of each type. Thank you, I’m starting to really understand myself and nuances.

The Go To Human Design Authority

- Jbinatlanta2011

I just found this podcast and I’m so glad I did! These insights are absolutely fascinating! I think it’s so cool to learn how who we are at an incredibly deep level, impacts our everyday lives, including how we show up in our businesses! Call me mind blown!


- Sharon, Generator

"So to be brutally honest, I wouldn't put this out because it's too factual and there's no juice for me. "

I'm your host - Vickie Dickson

I deliver Human Design in a way that is actually usable in life, business and relationships because... let's face it, most
of us are more confused after discovering our design than we were before!

It's filled with weird words and things that are hard to get a handle on ... until now.

Welcome to Unjaded.  
You belong here.

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