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Content by Design

Stop Second Guessing what you're here to say.
Own your Message once and for all.

Ah Monday.
The day to sit and get your content ready for the week is finally here!

All weekend you’ve been dreading… Did I say dreading? I meant looking forward to, yes, looking forward to writing your content for the week.

You are excited to sit down and have it pour from your soul onto the paper as easily as the coffee you just spilled poured over your keyboard and mouse.

Not quite the way you flow in your creative process?? 

Keep reading. 👇🏻👇🏻

Here’s the thing.

Writing well is a skill.
It’s a skill you can learn.
Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad advice out there about how to do it well.

Experts will tell you to:

Follow a cookie cutter format for each post.

Focus on WIIFM for the reader (if you knew THAT, the content would be flowing)!

Leverage ChatGPT and other AI to write your content (don’t even get me started with this one…. 🙄).

But that's not how you write content that sings.

The kind of content that has you singing all the way to the bank.

Hot tip 🔥🔥🔥

You need to start with who YOU are so that your soul fit client is hearing your voice call to her with every word.

Imagine how writing would feel if you knew:

Exactly who needs to hear from you.  

I’m not talking she’s a 40 something blonde who wears size 8 shoes, drives a Subaru, makes 60k a year, has 3 kids and lives in the suburbs.

I’m talking about who she is in her very soul. What does she long to do with her life? Where does she see herself in 10 years, based on her life purpose? What if you had a cheat sheet into HER Human Design, based on your own chart?

The role you play in her life.

Who you are here to be to her and how you speak from that perspective so that your words land with her, every time.

What you’re here to communicate and the flavour that you bring to the conversation - your secret sauce, so to speak.

This is what we sprinkle throughout your content that brings it to life. Think Matthew McConaughay saying “Green Light” in his audiobook where you feel like you’re in the room with him and he’s speaking only to you. (Sidenote - if you haven’t listened to that book, you need to!)

It’s a real life thing that happens when you know that you know that you know who you are, who you speak to, and the flavour you bring to the conversation. This is tucked away in your unique Human Design blueprint.


Don’t worry - I know exactly where to find it so that you can access it every damn day!

Connecting with your tribe on a soul-to-soul level isn’t a fantasy.

When you free your voice, aligning yourself with EXACTLY who truly are, the game changes. In fact, you’re not even playing ‘the game’ anymore. You’re making your own rules, following your own path, blazing the trail. 🔥

You can create content that is grounded in the soul of who you are.

Driven to create simply to feed an algorithm that never seems happy with you.

You're no longer:

Staring at a blank screen, just writing something to get it done. Or worse, giving up and not writing anything at all!

Spending money on cookie cutter programs that never quite get it right for you.

EXACTLY what you came here to say so that each time you speak, your ideal client hears you, loud and clear.

Instead, you'll understand:

The tone of voice you speak in to draw your ideal clients to you.  If you're meant to be a Beth Dutton, there's no point showing up as Loralai Gilmore!

Who you're really speaking to so that you draw her to you with every word you speak.

You’ll be 100% clear on your message and how to deliver it effectively with ease.

Because THAT is what makes content creation a breeze.

What Clients Say

If this sounds like music to your ears, and you’d like to work quickly so that you can begin to draw your soul fit clients to you and get making money right away, the Content by Design course is for you.

Like anything else worthwhile in life, this process is an inside job.

Craft a message that not only lands with your ideal client, but one that you feel in your very soul. A message that you feel so aligned with, you couldn’t create crappy content if you tried.

Here’s what the Content by Design course looks like so far.

The Rules of Writing.  How to communicate effectively through the written word. 

7 pre-recorded modules on creating content according to your unique Human Design:

Coaching & Support

module 1

Leverage Your Human Design Type in Content Creation

module 2

module 3

Understanding the Role Your Audience Needs You to Fill (personalized according to your Human Design)

module 4

sales vs delivery - Understand the difference and how to communicate it clearly so that your people buy what you're selling

module 5

How you're designed to speak with gusto from the strongest driver in your design.

module 6

EXACTLY - and I do mean exactly - who you're here to speak to.

module 7

7 group coaching calls with my eyes on your work and your Human Design chart​.

A private group for feedback on your work and questions in between calls.

My eyes on your content for the entirety of the course. 

Getting Granular.  How the nuances of your Design influence your message.  





Content by Design

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To recap, here's what you get:

​▶️ 7 x weekly calls with me - Value $1379
▶️ 7 x modules teaching you how to create by design - Value $1397
▶️ 8 x weeks of group support from me - Value $797
▶️ Unlimited feedback and revisions of your work for the entire 8 weeks Value $2997 MINIMUM
▶️ BONUS launch playbook to show you how to build your own BETA course. Value - $197
▶️ BONUS storytelling module so that you never have to wonder what to say online again! Value - $197

That's a total value of $6964
​For just $1497

And.... get a free Human Design reading with me (value $497) when you pay in full.

A payment plan is available if that's what works best for you though.

The answers that you’re searching for are inside of you.

If I could give you one thing, it would be to stop buying the programs that have you looking outside of yourself for something that exists within.

You are who you are - and that is your superpower.🦸🏻

Let’s leverage ALL of YOU in your content so that you effortlessly magnetise your soul fit clients to you.

That’s the Human Design difference. 💫


Discover your voice.

It’s about standing in ALL of who you are and being 100% certain of what exactly people buy from you, so that you speak in the language that they can hear. 

It’s not about following a certain formula, or even telling the perfect story.

Live your message.

Ignite your soul contracts.

Because it doesn’t matter how the experts say to do it.
What matters is getting in touch with YOU so that your people are drawn to you, just like a scene out of Yellowstone.

All of this becomes your message, which is something that you live in your daily life. That may sound odd to you but it’s really what happens.

You’ll be so certain of your message that it becomes a part of you. It will pour out of you whether you’re trying to create content or not.

So that you DO look forward to Monday morning content creation day!!!!

By the end of the course, you’ll have a deep understanding of what you’re here to communicate, who you’re here to communicate it to, and your secret sauce.

See what I did there?
That’s closing the loop.
Just one of the many writing hacks you’ll learn inside the Content by Design course.


Content by Design

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how is this different than other programs I've taken?
👆🏻 I love this question!
While other programs give you a cookie cutter formula for how to write content, the cBD course shows you how YOU are specifically designed to create.  We look to your unique Human Design blueprint every step of the way.  

I can't make the investment right now.  When will you offer it again?
Another great question.  Honestly, I don't know. As a Manifesting Generator, I've learned not to plan my business more than a quarter out.  I follow what I'm in response to and create from that magical space.  I can tell you that it will be available evergreen on the site in a few months (without my Live support in a group / on calls/ etc.) 

When will I start to create content?
You're slamming it with these questions! You'll start creating content in module 1 and you'll never stop!  You'll have my eyes on your work from the get-go. Here's how a former student used what she learned to create something you wouldn't normally think of as 'content' in her business. 👇🏻