Life on Your own Terms

You know that little voice inside your head? That voice that’s telling you that there must be a better way? That longing to feel that you’re not missing out on your little girls life as she heads off for another school year? The search for meaning inside of you, to be living with purpose? The voice that cries out to volunteer in your son’s class or attend your child’s sporting events?

I know that feeling. I’ve been there.

Like so many of the women I now lead, I have said a hundred times… I loved my job, until I didn’t. And once you don’t love your job anymore, and it becomes simply a way to pay the bills, a prison that you can’t escape from, a vicious circle of trading time for dollars, it’s time to leave.

But leave and do what? You have to work right? You’ve got more bills than money. The kids need braces, hydro keeps going up, hockey fees are due, and there are school supplies and uniforms to be bought. It never ends. You just can’t keep up.

There is a better way.

What if you could do something now to build an exit strategy? What if there was HOPE?

For 13 years, I owned and operated a retail business. I loved my job, until I didn’t. I was successful (by societies standards) but I too was caught in a vicious circle. Mine wasn’t so much trading time for dollars as I was self-employed, but I can tell you that I worked very, very hard for the freedom that I had. And it was nothing like the freedom that I now enjoy. I also spent a lot of money to live the life I was living. Tens of thousands of dollars in inventory every season. Hoping against hope that I made the right buying decisions. Paying my profits in staffing costs to have holidays or days off. Working LONG hours. Talk about stress.

Fast-forward a couple of years. I’ve built a network marketing business (there it is – that dirty word) inside of my nutrition business. I’ve done my homework. I found a company that I love, with a mission that resonates with me, and a product that I can fully endorse.

When people ask me now if I’m taking summer holidays my genuine response to them is this “My life is a holiday.” And it is.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am and I’m still working because there are many more goals I’d like to reach BUT, and this is a big BUT, I choose when I want to work. That’s huge. I plan my days to suit my life because I don’t live life on someone else’s schedule. I’m not tied down. I determine my own income and don’t wait for a raise, or hope sales go up so that I have a pay cheque at the end of the month. If I want to earn more, I go out and make it happen, and you can too.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may think I’m crazy. You probably think that I run my life away because what you see is the times that I’m travelling (another perk of my business) or when I’m out leading workshops or teaching. What you don’t see are the hours and even days that I spend with my puppy Lottie, by the pool- or that I can take off to see my daughter in Saskatchewan, on a whim.

You don’t see that my husband and I can take off for a day or a weekend almost anytime we’d like. Because I’m an education junkie, I can take any course that comes along that suits my fancy.   You don’t see that I no longer have to be out for my run by 5 am because I have to be to work early.

I now have time for friends. That I’ve built a tribe around me that feeds my soul.

That I have time to LIVE.

You may not know that I work outside of my network marketing business solely because I CHOOSE to work – 2 days a week no less.   When I was interviewed by the owner of the clinic, where I spend 2 days a week, her question to me was this; “Why, when you’re doing so well with doTERRA, would you want to work? You certainly don’t have to.” No I don’t. But I’m a student of life and find it so rewarding to continue to work with people in the health and wellness field and to continue to learn. I wouldn’t want to give that up. I am blessed to have found a place that will allow me to do the work I love, just 2 days a week.

So what exactly do I do? By trade, I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. By choice, I am a doTERRA diamond-level educator. I lead a team of approximately 700 women and 2 men, and I’m paid well for my time and thoroughly enjoy what I do. I have the opportunity to focus on self-development, in fact, my company encourages it. Most of my training and education is free or available to me at a low cost, and I get to choose my business partners. It’s actually pretty amazing. And it’s not a dirty word or a pyramid or a scheme. It’s the way of business in the future.

Something has to change. What we’ve done for decades is no longer working in our current economy.

If you follow any of the experts in finances and self development, (Warren Buffet, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Donald Trump – YIKES) you will see that they fully support network marketing. Is it possible that they know something that we don’t? Hmmmm…. So why are YOU holding out? What’s keeping you from taking the leap?

When Donald Trump was asked what he would do if he lost all of his wealth today, he said that he would find a Network Marketing Company and get to work. Looks like he’d be a success too with how popular he seems to be south of the border – but that’s not a topic for this blogger!

If you’re curious about how Network Marketing could fit into your life, let’s chat.

I’m always looking for entrepreneurial spirits to take my team to the next level.  Visit my team page to meet a few of my team leaders.

Eric Worre is THE guru of the Network Marketing industry. Take 45 minutes and watch his video. Even if you never work a day in the Network Marketing industry, you’ll be glad you watched. You’ll have a better understanding of how it works as it becomes the new way of doing business. He doesn’t endorse any company, simply focuses on the business model and how and why it works.

When you’re ready to start living your life on your own terms, I’ll be here.

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