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Human Design Group Coaching Program

Permission Granted

This maiden voyage sets sail on March 1st 2023.

Seize the opportunity to be an original member of this intimate, ongoing, group coaching container.

Create a life around who you are instead of trying to fit who you are into your life!

This highest version of you exists, outside of who you've been conditioned to be. Let's unwrap her together.

Join me for this guided journey centered around your design and how you are meant to show
up in the world.

I've got you

Imagine being fully supported as you step into this next version of you.

Imagine being guided into the deepest parts of your soul purpose and your expression, as seen through the lens of your Human Design.

In a nutshell, imagine creating a life around who you are instead of trying to fit who you are into your life!

Allow me to guide you to her on this journey of exploration into your unique human design.

It's possible

More than that, it’s closer than you think - this highest version of you. 

Weekly calls to guide you through living your unique human design. 

Here’s what you get:

3 of the calls will be in a group format.
You’ll get to learn from everyone else and their charts too
You’ll be AMAZED at how much you’ll pick up just in conversation and looking at human design charts!
You’ll use it in so many areas of your life. 

One of the calls is a private call with me.

That’s 4 calls - 4 hours of in depth human design guidance - for just $697/month CAD

Notes from Human Design Clients

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