Finding Purpose

I had a reiki treatment today with the lovely and talented Terry Ann Hare of Beauty Inside Spa.

3 words came to her while she was working on me.




Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

I’ve been stuck in a place of “not enoughness” in my growth.  As in, I’m not enough of this or enough of that. I’m not as good as so and so so why bother putting myself out there?

I’ve been silencing my voice, doubting that my message will be received.
I’ve been fearful that if I say what I’m really all about, I will be rejected.

Have you ever felt like that?

Here’s the thing, I got into this health gig because I wanted to change the way that people think about health. I have watched countless people in my life give up on ever feeling truly well.  It has become increasingly important to me that people get the message that we can live well as we age. We don’t have to settle for chronic illness and disease.

Health has become more complicated than it needs to be.  It’s a concept and not a lifestyle.

Through my one on one nutritional counseling practice, I became discouraged and frustrated at the lack of tools I could give people to “get the job done” and to feel in control of their health.  I didn’t have a “pill for every ill” to help them to get through the  rough spots while they were trying to make the necessary lifestyle changes.  Very few people could make it stick.

Enter doTERRA.

It saved my practice and many of my clients, gave us all a purpose, and put health care back into the hands of the people.  doTERRA saved me and gave me a voice, a purpose, and something to offer that was easy to use and that has staying power. It also empowers my clients to do as much as they can proactively to care for their own health.

Too often, when it comes to health care, we have given over control  to someone who’s in it for the money.  Over and over again, we underestimate the cumulative effects of lifestyle and we overestimate what the medical system can do for us when we’ve let it get too far and then we give up and accept disease as a way of life.

A wise man said “If a man is healthy, he has a thousand wishes. If he is not healthy, he has one.”

It is my dream in life to help everyone find their purpose and have many wishes.

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