Emotional Eating isn’t What You Think

Over and over I hear women lament that they suffer from emotional eating.

They think that if they could just get their mindset right, they’d also get control of their eating. Or, that if they had more willpower, they’d get control of their eating.

Worst of all, they think that they are somehow quieting their minds with food.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.
Emotions do not live in your mind.

Let me be clear on that.
Emotions do not live in your mind.

Emotions live in your body.
End of story.

Thoughts are processed through the body. Therefore, reactions are also felt IN the body first. 

The thing is, we’ve become so accustomed to separating our minds and our bodies, and letting our minds run the show, that we’ve forgotten to listen to the infinite wisdom of the body.

Think about it. 

We have mindset programs, mindset coaches, and mindset training designed to ‘get us out of our bodies’, but we’re really not ever there in the first place!

We live completely in our heads!

I’m going to propose something radical here. 

So, the next time you find yourself getting ready to escape your emotions with food, get INTO your body.

Sit quietly for a few minutes and breathe into the space in your body where the emotion is living.

What does that look like exactly?

Well, if you feel betrayed (by yourself or someone else) you may feel it in your gut – like you’ve been punched perhaps?  

Close your eyes and breathe into that for a moment or two.

What does it feel like?

Without naming the emotion you’ve attached to it, can you give it a colour? Texture? Temperature?

Keep breathing through it. 

Is it trying to tell you something?  What is it saying?

Breathe through it.

Does it want to move? 

Does your body want to move in that area to help to move the texture, temperature, colour, of that emotion through you?

If the answer is yes, begin to move your body as it’s intuitively telling you to.

Keep breathing through it.

When this feels complete, come back to the room and notice how you feel in your body

Emotion is energy in motion.

It’s meant to move through us. It is not meant to stay stuck in the body while we try to wrap our minds around feeling differently about it.

Here’s a thought to carry with you; Your body is always trying to keep you safe.  Always.

So, the next time that you want to accuse yourself of emotional eating, take a deep breath and offer yourself compassion.

However, you have to understand that your body is simply trying to manage the emotional wave with a substance that will soothe your emotional response. That way, you can get through your day.

She’s not betraying you, She’s not weak, and She doesn’t lack willpower

She is an infinitely intelligent being who is ALWAYS acting for your highest good.

Affirm – It is safe for my body to feel this emotion and allow it to move through me.

Crystals to support you in this process include;

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love of self and others.  Keep it close as you’re doing your emotional work

Lemurian Quartz allows access to ancient wisdom and healing that is held in ‘memories’ or striations in the crystal

Jasper crystals are supreme nurturers, so use the one that your intuition guides you to and trust that it’s right for you.

Amethyst is a master healer that we’ve used for centuries to calm the anxiousness that surrounds food and other addictions

Head on over to Rubi Hollow to browse more crystals and/or join my crystal community online to discover more

Essential oils to support you in this process include;

Bergamot is the oil of self-acceptance and unconditional self-love. Use it on your pulse points (diluted) and/or in your diffuser as you’re working through difficult emotions.

Grapefruit is the oil of honouring the body. Diffuse it with Basil (the oil of renewal) and Arborvitae (the oil of Divine Grace) as you’re working through difficult emotions.

In the end, Emotional Eating is about survival. Therefore, your body will always do what it needs to do to keep you safe and functioning.

Can you offer her love, compassion, and kindness for that? It’s a full-time job some days! 

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