Can we talk about the J word?

I have been so disheartened lately, particularly on social media, at the amount of judgement we have towards each other.  It feels like it’s out of control, especially women judging other women for anything and everything. 

What happened to women supporting women?  

This had been on my mind all last week and then the Super bowl Halftime show happened.  Talk about judgement. Holy hell. 

I’m seeing everything from it being called a stripshow, to JLo being compared to one of the golden girls in 1985, to the fact that she shook her bootie, she wore a hair piece, and on and on it goes. Nobody’s talking about the talent, grit, tenacity, or anything else that makes her great. 

How about celebrating the fact that these women were out there, doing what they do and not making apology for it?  How about taking our heads of our $!@$!% and understanding that not everyone cares what we think of something?  How about live and let live?  I mean, really!  It’s the halftime SHOW.  It’s entertainment.  That is her JOB, whether you agree with how she did it or not. 

Do you give the same disdain when Mark Wahlberg takes his shirt off and flaunts his muscles in a movie?  I’m guessing not. 

I go to the gym and I exercise every day.  I’m looking at Jlo thinking – how on earth hard does she have to work to look like that?  WOW.  Just WOW.

Earlier in the week, I watched as someone tore apart someone locally, because she had neck rolls in her photo (only because of the angle of the camera) The presence or lack of rolls on her neck had literally NOTHING to do with anything!

Personally, I was not allowed into 2 Facebook groups because of the business model (Network marketing) that I’ve chosen as part of my business structure.  In another group, I saw women TORN APART because of either purchasing from or selling for a network marketing company. 


I saw a health coach make such derogatory comments about a health decision that someone had made that I had to go back and look to see if she was still coaching.  How on earth can you coach from such a high horse?  

It’s seemed never ending this week and personally, I’ve had enough.  The halftime show was the straw that broke this camel’s back – or rather the reaction to the halftime show. 

Where is the part where we lift each other up?  Where is the part where we celebrate what’s good in us and support each other?  Did that ever exist?  I feel like it did and it does in some circles.  I just wanna hang out there please.

Enough of this judgemental bullshit.  Enough. 

I’m challenging everyone with eyes on this post to do something TODAY to appreciate something about another woman.  I’m challenging you (and me) to stop mid-judgement and say “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”  If I don’t support this action, how can I support the woman behind the action or at the very least, not tear her down.  

A friendly reminder “No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves.”   Native American Proverb

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