Breakfast for Dinner

You know those nights when you just couldn’t be bothered to make dinner?   When there’s NOTHING in the fridge and you’re trying to come up with something halfway decent to eat? That way, you don’t gnaw off your own arm or eat that bag of chips in the cupboard that you’ve been thinking about all day?

Well…. I had one of those tonight.  It just so happened that a dozen farm fresh eggs had just been delivered and I had some leftover, chopped green pepper, spinach, and mushrooms from last night’s quesadillas.  Do you see where I’m going with this?

Recipes don’t have to be fancy and we really want to use up all of the food that we buy, right?  So, I  did what any red-blooded, half-starved, woman in this situation would do.  I tossed 2 eggs into a bowl, added some almond milk and some pepper, the leftover veggies, and voila, breakfast for dinner in just 10 minutes.

It sure wasn’t fancy but it hit the spot, and I won’t be reeling from a carb-induced sugar high in an hour.

Now… my breakfast for dinner would have probably tasted better with cheese but that’s a story for another day.

If you’re interested in comparing grocery and farm fresh eggs, here’s an interesting article with lots of photos.  For me, there’s no comparing the taste.  I stopped eating eggs for about 8 months.  Since re-introducing them into my diet, it’s farm-fresh or nothing at all.  I can’t believe the difference in taste!  Not to mention the lack of chemicals being sprayed on the shells – which has to go somewhere, don’t you think?  Food for thought.

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