Feeling heavy, grumpy, and tired? Time for a cleanse!

It’s that time of year again.

If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering why you do this to yourself every year? Why you overindulge over the holidays when you know damn well you’re going to pay for it later?

If this sounds like you, you’ll want to join our Group Cleanse. It’s recommended that we cleanse at least twice a year. Typically, spring and fall work best but I always find that I need another in January.

There are some narly cleanse kits on the market. Maybe you’ve tried one – or several.   I remember the one that I tried. I picked it up at the health food store and thought “How bad could it be?” It was BAD – really bad. I couldn’t leave the bathroom for days.

When you’re looking to cleanse or detox, you really don’t want to do anything super harsh for the body. The body’s natural state is one of balance.  It’s job is to regularly cleanse but we gunk it up with poor food choices, little or no exercise, alcoholic beverages, and disrupted sleep.  My approach with clients is always to ease into the cleanse so that’s what we’re doing now in our group.  Ideally, you want to ease into and out of a cleanse.  You want to consider mind, body, and spirit as things will come up during a cleanse that you didn’t even realize were there.  You’ll want support.

Go ahead and join the Facebook group now so that you can prepare your body for the next 10 days or so before we get started.

In the group, you’ll have unlimited support throughout the entire cleanse. Fellow holistic nutritionist, Julie Pakis and I are running the cleanse and the group so you’ll have access to both of us with your cleanse kit purchase.  We are participating in the cleanse as well which means that we’ll be experiencing a lot of the things that you’ll be experiencing. We are literally in the trenches with you.

We’ll be posting live videos, recipes, shopping lists, and a few surprises throughout the month.

Not feeling good? Experiencing detox symptoms? Not sure what’s “normal”? We’re there to ask and reassure.

If you’re ready to cleanse your system of built up toxins, and can commit 30 days to doing so, join us!  You won’t believe the positive changes that you’ll see and how 30 days can entirely change the way you feel.

Order your cleanse kit here – click join and save – scroll to the bottom and click join doTERRA and follow the prompts, using the code 1413601 in the enroller box to receive a gift from me with purchase, access to my private doTERRA Facebook group, and ongoing support from me.

If you are already a doTERRA member, simply order your cleanse and restore kit as a regular order! If you are working with another doTERRA leader, contact that person to order.

Note – if you’d rather order through me in person, and not online, simply email me at Vickie@vickies.ca or text 613-285-9484 to set up a time to chat.  I look forward to working with you!

ps – The kit takes about a week to arrive so you’ll want to get it ordered ASAP to start with the group on January 15th.

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