I have a turkey carcass – now what?

If you’re like most of the country today, you’re staring at a turkey carcass and wondering what to do with it. How many days in a row do you want to eat turkey soup?

There are many benefits to making a bone broth with your turkey bones (or any other bones available to you) Remember when your mom or grandma gave you chicken soup when you were sick? Turns out, she was onto something.

The trick with bone broth is to cook the bones slowly to extract all of the nutrients from them. I’ve included a recipe at the bottom of this article. A general guideline is to cook poultry bones for up to 24 hours and beef bones for up to 48 hours.

Because you’re extracting nutrients from bone, it will be important to use bones from grass fed and free range animals.

It’s become trendy to drink bone broth so you can certainly drink it over the next few days or make it into a soup, or even use it in your cooking. It freezes well and is handy to have ahead for the winter months. Whatever you do, get this healing food into you whenever you can!

Bone broth is one of the very best things to restore gut health. If you’re struggling with food allergies, respiratory conditions, inflammation, joint pain, anxiety, or many other issues, we can trace them all back to the health of your digestive tract. Bone broth contains many healing elements for the lining of the digestive tract including collagen, glutamine, and a plethora of minerals and other nutrients. It encourages the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

Collagen is one of the most beneficial nutrients in bone broth.

It increases skin elasticity, reduces dryness, and it aids in bone and joint health.

Bone broth also offers glucosamine, which you may already be taking, in a supplement form, to reduce the pain of arthritis or other joint pain.

Where we have pain, we have inflammation. It’s as simple as that. Bone broth is highly anti-inflammatory and offers readily absorbable nutrients that support not only gut and bone health but also the health of the liver and the immune system. It is rich in glutathione and sulphur, which are important in the detoxification process.

The list of benefits is truly endless. If you’re suffering with food allergies, arthritis, joint pain, anxiety, lowered immunity, IBS, reflux, heartburn, constipation, or any number of things, add bone broth to your regime. It truly is one of Mother Nature’s most healing foods, offering readily available minerals and nutrients to heal what ails you.

Bone Broth Recipe

Roast raw organic bones in 400-degree oven for 2 hours

If bones are already “cooked” you can skip this step

Remove and place in slow cooker with 3 tbsp. apple cider vinegar and fill slow cooker with water
Add garlic, onions, and any other vegetables to taste

Add turmeric, rosemary, thyme, sea salt and pepper – 1 tsp. of each

Cook for 24- 48 hours. Remove bones

You can either make this into a soup to have throughout the day (add veggies) or you can drink it from a thermos or teacup.

Bone Broth Freezes well.

* the apple cider vinegar helps to pull nutrients from the bones*

* garlic will help to add more healing benefits, especially for the digestive tract and immune system.  Choose local or organic, fresh garlic only *

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