To Whom much is given……

I was raised in the church. In my late teens , I stumbled across this bible verse: “To whom much is given, much is required.” I remember going to the pastor and wanting to create a program of sorts for the needy. He told me that that’s not really what the verse meant. It wasn’t applicable to our times.

I beg to differ.

I sit here, writing this post, from a rented beach house in Costa Rica. As I type, I’m looking out at the Pacific Ocean as it rolls in the soothing way that an ocean has.

While here, my husband and I have marvelled at the North American lack of social responsibility.   We are renting this house from a man who made his money in the US high tech sector. He brags that he pays the labourers 2.50/hour. He mentions that the men on his crew sleep on the floor in the house because they can’t afford to buy gas to go home at night. I find this heartbreaking.   You may think that’s because things are cheap here but we’ve discovered jus the opposite. I really don’t know how people live. Actually, I do. You should see some of the places that they call home.

He has instructed us that tips are not necessary or expected here and I’ve seen countless “Gringos” leaving a table or a boat tour without even the smallest gesture for excellent service.

Surely we can care for our fellow man better than this?

As the holidays approach, I wonder if we could each give up one item on our list and instead do something for someone in need or for someone who is struggling.

What would that look like?

  • A meal for a senior or shut in
  • An invitation to dinner for someone who’s grieving
  • A toy for a little one
  • Groceries for a family
  • Gas money for someone struggling to get through treatments of some sort
  • A listening ear

In years past, we’ve had the utmost pleasure of adopting families for Christmas. Drivers have shown up and delivered Christmas to their door on Christmas Eve. You cannot believe the joy that this has brought to our family. Our children loved doing that more than they loved any gift that they ever received.

Take a step back this holiday.   Think of the riches that we enjoy. What can we do to make the world a kinder place for someone who’s down on their luck?

To whom much is given, much is required. Luke 12:48

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