The Life Altering Power of a Good Breakfast

Are you one of those people who drags herself out of bed, to the coffee maker, and then races out the door without a bite to eat in the morning?  Do the 10 am cravings drive you mad?  Find it hard to focus at the meeting your boss has called?

Are you dragging your butt to the vending machine?  Or… do you take the time to stop at the drive-thru for a sugary beverage and a bagel to start the day?  Bagels are healthy right?  WRONG.  A Tim Hortons bagel has 300 empty calories and 2.5 tsp. of sugar- and that’s BEFORE you add a topping!

We are meant to BREAK the FAST with breakfast each morning!

A good breakfast will kick your metabolism into high gear, and keep your brain functioning throughout the morning. It can also lead to weight loss or maintenance, at the very least.  The bagel, on the other hand, will leave your body SCREAMING for more empty calories within a couple of hours.

I have had many women say to me that they feel nauseous in the morning and don’t feel like eating.  Did you know that sniffing pure, therapeutic grade Lemon oil (the best is grown in Italy) can help with that? True story.

Our bodies really need the kick start that breakfast gives us.

Why make it struggle through the best part of the day, without a fighting chance?  In fact, nutrition experts recommend that we consume the bulk of our calories early in the day and not later. However, most of us have this backward!

What constitutes a good breakfast?  You really want some good, old-fashioned, stick to your ribs food first thing.  Some quick things that come to mind are a protein shake (made with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds), overnight oats (very quick to grab out of the fridge in the morning), and teff porridge (a nice change from plain old oatmeal). Or an avocado with salsa and Mary’s crackers.

If you have time, farm-fresh eggs are a great start to the day.  They really do keep you feeling full for a long time and without the grains and sugars that you may be tempted to eat (toast, cereal, etc) you won’t suffer through nearly as many cravings as you would without the protein hit of eggs.  If you’re really hungry, an omelette made with lots of fresh veggies will take you right through the morning.                                     shutterstock_242058076

Be sure to start your morning with a glass of room temperature water, with the juice of 1/3 of a lemon (or lemon oil as mentioned above) while you’re getting your breakfast ready.

If breakfast seems like too much work, try it for 10 days and see how you feel.  If you don’t notice a difference, on day 11, stop at the drive thru and have your usual muffin or bagel.  Evaluate from there 😉

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