Summer vacation on the Horizon? Remember these Oils!

Let’s face it – the last thing that you need is to be stuck at a campground, being eaten alive by mosquitos, or in the Holiday Inn freaking out over the jimmy germs on the remote control!

girl and dog on vacation


Enter doTERRA essential oils.

For a worry-free, chemical-free summer, here’s a list of your go-to oils:

  • Terrashield – This Blend contains powerful essential oils known to provide outdoor protection in a natural, safe way. Think about it. That’s the job of plants – to continually evolve to ward off insects and other threats. They’re the perfect solution to keeping bugs “off” Use Terrashield in your diffuser on the patio or picnic table to keep pests at bay. Use it topically to ward off mosquitos. It’s safe for pets too!   terrashield
  • Cedarwood and Lemongrass are my go-to oils for Miss Lottie, our fur baby, to ward off tics, naturally. The thing about chemical products is that when we cuddle up with our pets, those chemicals are transferring to us, through our skin. We do what we can naturally and use chemical products only when absolutely required.
  • Peppermint – SO many uses for this oil! If you suffer from headaches, this is a must have in your medicine cabinet. It also deters mice, ants and spiders naturally. Put a few drops on your kitchen counter if you’re having troubles with ants or in the corners of your tent to ward off spiders. Peppermint is also a cooling oil so you can mix some with water and spritz it on yourself to cool you off on those hot, humid days. Flying somewhere this summer? Diffuse peppermint and grapefruit to battle jet-lag! doTERRA brand can be added to your water for a pick me up as well.      

    lavenderLavender – lavender truly is an emergency, Jack of all Trades oil.

    Known best for its calming properties, it helps not only to calm mood but also to calm the skin in case of a sunburn or other topical burn. Heading out to the theme park? Have some lavender oil in your purse in case you get blisters!
  • Deep Blue Rub – Let’s face it. We’re more active in summer. We’re digging in the garden, playing on the beach, throwing a frisbie with the kids – we get sore! Enter Deep blue. This rub offers natural pain relief that for me, lasts a full 8 hours. Bliss
  • Zengest – Miraculous – seriously. If you don’t have this oil, you need to get it. Period. The end. It’s THE BEST emergency oil for digestive support – EVERYTHING digestive. Whether it’s heartburn (you KNOW you shouldn’t have had that last Corona, right ?) reflux, digestive upset, motion sickness, this is THE OIL.
  • On Guard – staying in a hotel? The FIRST thing that I unpack when I arrive is my diffuser and my On Guard essential oil. Known to kill germs on contact, this is what I diffuse the minute I arrive. I also spritz our pillows and clean the remote and doorknobs with it. Obsessive much?   on guard
  • Tea Tree – another emergency oil for any kind of cuts or boo-boo’s your little ones may have. If you’re worried about something getting infected, dab a drop or two of doTERRA tea tree oil on it and call me in the morning.   Using those yucky campground showers? Rub some tea tree on the bottoms of your feet after you shower. Add some to your dishwater to ensure your dishes are truly disinfected. Breaking out from eating some junk on your holiday, dab some tea tree on the spot and you’ll be blemish free in no time!

Ready to get started?  Visit my doTERRA website for detailed product info.  The prices listed are US retail prices, and you can contact me or Join and Save for the most savings.  I’ll be sure you get all bonuses that come with your purchase.  Bring on summer!



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