Oil Pulling

Do you oil pull?  If not, it may be something to add to your morning routine.

Oil pulling is an ancient, Ayurvedic remedy for oral health and detoxification.

Traditionally, sesame seed oil was used but some people are using coconut oil and it is said to work well. For me, I can’t get by the chunks of oil in my mouth so I will stick with my organic sesame oil.

The practice is quite simple and more daunting sounding than it actually is.  10 minutes in the morning can give you many benefits of this ancient practice.  Simply swish around about a tbsp of oil in your mouth for 10 minutes, upon rising.  The oil will mix with your saliva and the lipids in the oils pull toxins from your saliva.   As you swish the oil around in your mouth, toxins are also removed from your teeth and gums. The liquid will become a bit thicker and turn white.   Don’t let it thicken too much as it will be reintroducing toxins into the area.  Spit it out into a garbage can as it gets thicker – don’t spit it into the sink!

There are many health benefits to oil pulling, beyond better oral hygiene.  The benefits include:

  • overall strengthening of teeth and gums
  • prevention of cavities and gingivitis
  • prevents bad breath
  • is a holistic remedy for bleeding gums
  • moisturizes lips, mouth, and throat
  • is a holistic treatment for TMJ
  • whitens teeth
  • migraine headache relief
  • helps to correct hormone imbalances
  • reduces inflammation in the body
  • reduces eczema
  • may reduce bronchitis symptoms
  • supports normal kidney function
  • may reduce sinus congestion
  • reduces allergy symptoms
  • maintains clear skin

As I go through all of the benefits, part of me is saying “Really? Wow! How does that work?”  I’ll tell you what makes sense.  Oil pulling is said to reduce germs in plaque and saliva.  It stops bacteria from sticking to the oral cavity and reduces fungal growth.  Oil pulling also helps the lymphatic system as harmful bacteria are removed and beneficial bacteria are given a healthier environment to flourish in.   Our mouths have a direct route to the bloodstream (consider the link between gingivitis and heart disease) Keeping our mouths cleaner, and free of toxins, will in turn help to keep many of our other systems working well.

Give it a shot and comment below with your thoughts on the practice.

As a side note, for vanity reasons, you won’t find a cheaper or safer teeth whitener!

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