Nourish to Heal

Find yourself again

Build health habits that will sustain you

Create the life you were born to live

This is the program you’ve been waiting for

Nourish & Heal

Find yourself again

Build health habits that will sustain you

Create the life you were born to live

This is the program you’ve been waiting for

I see you.

You’ve been feeling like you’ve lost yourself in the madness of caring for everyone else. Honestly, it’s been so long since you’ve put your own health first that you don’t even know where to start.

You’ve started over so many Monday’s that you don’t even believe yourself anymore when you say you’re going to get back on track.

You just want to get it right so that you can feel good about yourself again and even feel like you’re here for a reason – and that reason does not involve running yourself ragged for everyone else.

You need to be seen again for who you really are. You need to reconnect with your own soul.

I get it.

You’re tired of feeling tired.

You’re tired of being last on the list.

You’re tired of your hormones making you crazy and your partner acting as though you’ve lost your mind and you’re a total bitch.

You’re sick to death of the sleepless nights and reaching for something – anything to keep you going for the afternoon.

You’re done buying bootcamps and diets and following gurus that just don’t get what you’re dealing with. Seriously – she’s 20 and a size 4. How on earth can she get how it feels to be 50 and done with it all?

You’re deeply afraid that this is all that there is. The phrase ‘shriveled up’ is playing over and over in your head and it scares the hell out of you. What if you are shriveling up? What then?

You wish you had the magic key to unlock it all.
Now you can.

The key is my Nourish to Heal Program and it’s for you if you’re ready to:

Your Nourish to Heal Program is so much more than any diet or bootcamp or online program you’ve ever contemplated before.

It is the key to completely transforming your life so that you can live out your second act exactly as you dreamed.

Full of energy Exuding confidence Truly happy in your own skin Understanding your worth Never settling for less than you deserve Deeply content with who you are

Deep down you know that it’s not just about the food.

Deep down you understand that this unrest you’re feeling, and the physical woes that are dragging you down need more than another diet.

Deep down you are craving someone to help to pull you through to the other side of this so that you can live out your second act full of vitality, excited and ready to live your life full out!

You’re done playing small.

You’ve had it with putting your needs last.

It’s time for YOU

I’ve been where you are right now.

I was staring down the barrel of a new decade and everything felt wrong.

I was burned out in my job

I was navigating the world as an empty nester

I had packed on 35 pounds that I couldn’t lose no matter how many salads I ate or miles I ran

My digestive system was shot

My father had been diagnosed with degenerative brain disease

I was unhappy and unfulfilled in my marriage

And I wasn’t getting any help from the ‘health professionals’ that I saw. Unless of course you count a little pill being ‘help’ to get through it all.

I knew that there was more to what was going on with me than food.

YES I had to deal with food. I had to find out what I was eating that was causing me so much disruption.

I had to change my habits

I had to REST.

More than that, I had this burning desire to reconnect with myself. I had lost myself in the raising of kids, the building of a home and a career, the years of marriage and partnership.

Where was I? Who was I anymore? I no longer recognized the woman looking back at me from the mirror.

It was time to find her again.

Not the 30 year old me but this new version of me that was ready to come through. As my daughter Andrea says – this is Vickie 2.0.

This me needed:

You see, it’s not just about the food.
Nourish to Heal graduates experience profound transformation.
Like Terry...

I came into the course stressed out and at my limit physically and mentally. Working through the modules, Vickie guided us through an holistic approach that tackles the body, mind and spirit. I found I could get some quick wins and then really address the areas in my life that were out of control and on fire. I now have boundaries set with myself and others. I’m sleeping better, have more energy, more focus and I’m more tuned in to my needs. Going forward, I have the tools to keep working towards my goals – my own treasure trove of resources!
Thank you!
– Terry V

The Nourish to Heal Program is for you if you can embrace a few simple but profound concepts so that you can step into the best version of yourself.

I am so blessed to be part of this Health on Purpose journey at this point in my life.
Thank you for how you share your wisdom. I have been really quite impressed at how easy all of this is to follow. Its been about 4 months and I feel no need to weigh myself regularly but I know my body is changing and thriving on the healthy foods I’m consuming. I went on a mini vacation this weekend and enjoyed a carb and wine filled day with zero guilt and easily went back to normal the next day.

The lessons you taught also allowed me to educate myself out of eating the candy I craved more than a taste now and again! Being able to enjoy the things I love and really enjoy them (chewing and taking my time and portion control) and knowing I’m not dieting, but learning how to feed my body is something that amazes me. Cravings are so few and far between. I haven’t been on the scale since the beginning of July but I was down 15 pounds then. I honestly feel awesome!!!
– Karen Sorensen

As you work through the modules in the Nourish to Heal Program you’ll begin to step into your power - in all areas of your life.

You’ll start to feel:

All this can be yours for just $97.00 today!

Nuts and Bolts:

Ready to Get Started?

Self Study
With email access to me!
$ 997

(one time payment)
  • Access the full Nourish to Heal program and work at your own pace.
  • Get support from me through email as you work through the program
  • Access to 14 day meal plan (guidance on how many servings of what foods to eat, etc)
  • Lifetime access to the course
Group Program
+ Calls
$ 1697

(one time payment)
  • Get on the list for my next group
    coaching program launching this fall
  • Bi-weekly calls with me to support you throughout the program
  • Access to 14 day meal plan (guidance on how many servings of what foods to eat, etc)
  • Kick off call with me to create your personalized blueprint for the program (value $295) In this call we'll look at diet, supplements, lifestyle, mood and sleep.
  • Support in our group
  • Full, lifetime access to the course
FALL 2022
Exclusive VIP
Private Program
$ 2797

(one time payment)
  • Weekly Calls 1-on-1 calls with me
  • Access to 14 day meal plan (guidance on how many servings of what foods to eat, etc)
  • Kick off call with me to create your personalized blueprint for the program (value $295) In this call we'll look at diet, supplements, lifestyle, mood and sleep.
  • Support in our group
  • Full, lifetime access to the course

Here’s what the program looks like

6 day warm up to get your basic nutrition on track as we prepare to start
(access to 14 day meal plan – guidance on how many servings of what foods to eat, etc)
Here’s where you’ll want to dig into the grocery shopping tips and meal prep guide as well.

Module 1

building a strong foundation

Let’s do some detective work. Here is where you’ll have your private session with me to go over your food/mood/sleep journal to look for clues as to which foods you need less of and which you can safely eat more of.

Module 2


Getting to the root cause of physical symptoms you are experiencing.

Integration week

Here we take a breather. You’ve had a lot of information to process. This week we have a group call so that we can continue to work through the content and you can get coaching on anything that’s coming up for you.

Module 3

Love Your Liver

Love your Liver In this module we cover the important role your liver plays in your physical and emotional health and how to get it working better for you.

Module 4


If you’re joining this program, I know you want to know how to get your hormones and you working together! This module is going to do just that. We’ll go through the physical and emotional impact of hormones and how to balance hormones once and for all!

Module 5


It’s estimated that 90% of illnesses can be directly related back to stress. In this module we go through the effect of stress on the mind and body AND tools to deal with it more effectively so that it’s not negatively affecting your health day in and day out. We’re going to stop running from the tigers ok?

Integration week

This week we have our group coaching call and you’ll be making friends with whatever journaling system you’ve been called to use.

Module 6

The issues in your Tissues

In this module we begin to unpack emotions that have been tucked away to deal with ‘later’ These could be things you’ve tucked away since you were 4, 14, or 40 but they are ‘safely’ tucked away somewhere in your body and that is keeping you stuck and unable to move forward in many areas of your life. This is a big and necessary part of our work together.

Integration week

Group coaching this week. I invite you to join us even if you don’t quite feel like it. We are working through the heavy stuff now and I promise to hold the space for you as you process it. When you least feel like showing up for yourself, that’s when you need it the most 💜

Module 7

The Voices in your Head

We all have them. The voices that tell us that we’re not good enough or that we should be doing things differently or if only we were _______ we’d be better off. This module is all about accepting who you are and loving yourself for it.


Celebrate showing up fully for yourself!!!! Watch for your gift in the mail from me 💜

Frequently asked questions

You have lifetime access to the materials in the program.

What happens in group, stays in group. 
Everyone signs an agreement to this effect before we get started

Coaching sessions can be purchased at a discount once you’re in the Health Simplified Program.  As a bonus, you have a kick off call with me to create your personalized blueprint to get started.

Due to the digital nature of this program refunds are not offered at this time. 

The focus of Health Simplified is to move towards whole, live, natural foods. You know, the stuff we all know we ‘should’ be eating more of! I’ll offer guidance along the way based on specific issues that come up in the group (ie – cravings, eating on the run, etc)

That depends.
It depends on where you are now and how you assimilate the changes into your life.  The root of this program is getting to the root of what is keeping you from losing weight.  That may create a shift right away or it may take some time to process.  Most women who complete the program start their lasting weight loss journey here and then continue with the tools that they learn to use AND by learning to reconnect with themselves ❤️

Absolutely. My email address is
If you are paying in full, you can send your payment through e-transfer. If you’d rather do a payment plan, it will need to be processed through the automated payment system.

The yoga classes are beginner classes that can be done by anyone.  Emily offers modifications if there’s something that’s not feeling good in your body. They are pre-recorded so that you can use them over and over again.
We also have a restorative yoga class being offered as a bonus in the stress module.

Your only ‘homework’ is living your life while implementing the changes we’re making.  I encourage you to take bite sized pieces, which is how the program is set up.  We have integration weeks built into the program where there is a group call but no new content so that you can fully process what we’ve learned to date.
Journaling is strongly encouraged and that can look different for everyone.  Some write – Some draw – Some scream at a wall – whatever works for you is good!

Inside of you, you will know.  Sit with yourself, hand over your heart and just breathe for a few minutes.  Ask yourself – Is the Health Simplified Program for me?
If the answer is yes, you can grab your spot here.

If you have a question that’s not answered here, you can schedule a quick call with me to chat it through or email me at

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