Let’s talk Tofu.

I saw your eyes roll.  I heard you say it too:  “I’m not eating that tofu stuff!”

Do you know what ‘that stuff’ is?  It’s really not that scary.  We eat a lot of it at Chez Dickson’s and everyone loves it.  When I made it at my daughter’s apartment one night,  her roommate was adamant that she wouldn’t try it.  Em convinced her to take a bite and she says “Mmmmm …. tastes like chicken.”  True, in that case, because it will take on the flavor of whatever you’re cooking it in.  We LOVE it cooked in sweet chilli sauce.   It also makes a wicked chocolate pie.  True story.

With tofu, which is soy by the way, it’s super important to buy organic.  Soy is a heavily GMO’d food so you want to make sure that you’re purchasing organic.  In my main dishes, I use firm tofu.  I don’t usually marinate it, just throw it in with some kind of sauce or concoction I dream up, and voila! in about 15 minutes, we have a meal.  A good meal.  A cheap meal.  A package of tofu costs about $2.75.  We feed the 4 of us and usually have a bit leftover.  Seriously.  Serve it with rice and veggies and you’ve got a healthy meal that doesn’t break the bank.

Here’s how it’s done:

  • drain the tofu and cut it into small squaresThe tofu I buy
  • heat some coconut oil in a frying pan (cast iron if you have it)
  • toss the tofu in and add sauce, onions, garlic, etc
  • cook your rice
  • steam your veggies
  • done!

You have dinner in 15 – 20 minutes including prep time.  What could be easier?

If you’re looking for more tofu ideas or recipes, here’s an article I found from the Food Network.

Stay tuned for a tofu chocolate pie recipe…. coming soon!

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