How distracted are you?

Something I’m thinking about this morning, as I watch my dogs eat their breakfast, is the importance of minding our own business and not getting distracted.

Berkley has this thing.  She eats her food while, out of the corner of her eye, watching to be sure that Tucker will not approach and eat his food!!  It’s so crazy to watch.  In the 2 years since we got Tucker, I’ve never seen that girl enjoy a meal. She’s too focused on what HE is doing!

How often do we allow distractions, and the worrying about what other people are doing, to interfere with our moments, days, weeks, months, lives?  Too often.

That’s all fine and good, you may be thinking, but what about when he does _____ or what about when _______?
Believe me, I’m no expert in this area.  SO MANY TIMES, I need to bring myself back from worrying about what others are doing.  SO MANY TIMES.  The thing is, it’s none of my business.  Many times, it doesn’t affect me in any way at all so it’s incredulous that I would spend my energy worrying and fussing over it.  But I do.

My very favourite saying about this is;

“Not my circus, not my monkeys.” 

Surprisingly, it works. It makes me laugh at myself and more easily let things go that don’t concern me.

Here’s the thing. If we are constantly distracted and even deeply affected by what others are doing, we are not free to do our own “deep work.”  We can’t focus on the tasks that will move us forward in our own lives because we are focusing on what everyone else is doing.  Just like my Berkley.  She cannot allow herself to enjoy her own meal, because what if Tucker comes along to enjoy his at the same time?  What if, indeed?  Who cares!?!

As I was percolating on this this morning, my Note from the Universe came through.

Birds only know their “is-ness,” vickie, trees only know their “is-ness,” and planets only know their “is-ness.”

That’s their only “business.  Let it be yours.” 

Timely advice, don’t you think?

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