Do you need a break?

Do you need a break?

Ever feel like your drowning?

Like you’re going through life on autopilot?

Like you’ve lost your zest for life?

Maybe you’re just tired.   Tired right down to the bone.

What would it feel like to take 1 week out of the year to focus on your health?

One week away from the pressures of home. A week to decompress and practice self-care.

One week to:

  • Enjoy the sun on your face                                                                                
  • Read a book
  • Lounge poolside
  • Walk on the beach
  • Sleep in – or get up early – you choose!                                            
  • Practice gentle yoga on the beach
  • Learn to implement a yoga practice in your “real life”
  • Learn to properly fuel your body so that you feel AWESOME on an everyday basis
  • Chat poolside with a trusted nutritionist
  • Take part in nutrition and essential oils workshops (if you choose to)
  • Gain the tools you need to go home and enjoy optimal health
  • Breathe

This is your chance!! Join me at the NEW Dhawa Resort in Cayo Santa Maria Cuba!  7 days of BLISS

Here you’ll recuperate and learn to take better care of yourself so that you can care for others without going crazy.

Enjoy optional nutrition and essential oil workshops, yoga on the beach, poolside private nutrition consultations, and tons of free time to relax or go on excursions – you get to choose how you spend your time.  There’s a game-changer 😉

You’ll arrive home refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Call Mary Lynn of Travelonly for booking info: 613-924-1404 or email her at

Book now to avoid disappointment.  Deadline for confirmation (with deposit) is January 31,2017.

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