Loving you.

Ah February. The month of hearts. Every store is decorated with them, jewelry stores are promoting heart shaped gifts, chocolates come in heart shaped boxes.  The list of what can be purchased in heart shapes is endless.

This month, on the Facebook page,  we’ll be focusing on every aspect of heart health. We’ll cover some exercises, some nutrition, and some essential oils to support a healthy heart. Our most important work however, will be our focus on loving ourselves.

As women, we often flog ourselves daily with all of the things that we are not good at and continually tell ourselves that we are not enough of ____ you fill in the blank.  There are enough people in the world ready to pounce on a chance to tell us we’re not quite “up to par” Why join in?  Why not practice loving ourselves instead? We deserve it each and every day!

We’ve heard it said over and over that if you had a “friend” who talked to you the way you talk to yourself, you probably wouldn’t hang out with her for long.

Yet here we are, letting this voice take up residence in our heads.

It’s funny how exercises keep popping up over and over again in our lives.  I often take my yoga students through a meditation where they send love to their younger selves.  It’s a lot harder to say the cruel things that we say to ourselves to the beautiful child that we once were.  The thing is, that beautiful girl is still inside of each and every one of us.

At our team retreat on the weekend, one of the leaders took us through a vision board exercise where we had to place a photo of ourselves as children on our boards.  That is some powerful stuff.  I’m telling you, it is not possible to look at your sweet, young face and be cruel.  The thought of it brings tears to your eyes yet we do it every damn day!  Every day we tell ourselves we are awful or not as good as someone else or fat or ugly or _____ you fill in the blank.  That girl inside of you is none of those things.  She’s whole and perfect and good and deserving of your love.

How’s about in February we turn the tables a bit?

How’s about we try loving the most important person in our Universe?

Over on the Facebook page  we are offering an affirmation a day, focused on self love. We’ll be giving away a Rose Touch oil at the end of the month so you’ll want to participate for sure!  I posted today about the many healing benefits of Rose oil.  It’s valued at 95.50 and would be an excellent addition to your self care regime.

Join us over on Facebook as we work through the month together!

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