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We bring all of the info from the challenge together so that you can create a plan of action to stay on track, after the challenge is over.

I cover where you need to start to reach your health goals and live with:

✅ more energy
✅ better sleep
✅ less brain fog
✅ at your ideal weight

…. All without banging your head against the wall in continual frustration and self flagellation.

Imagine how life would be if you knew exactly what your body needs each day and could give it to her so that:

➡️ you have less cravings for unhealthy foods
➡️ you curtail emotional eating
➡️ you give yourself Grace when you ‘mess up’
➡️ you don’t feel bloated all the time
➡️ you don’t feel anxious and stressed out
➡️ you sleep well and have the energy you need to greet the day
➡️ you love the woman looking back at you from the mirror ❤️❤️❤️

We talk about how to create a plan that helps you to do all of that and live in your best health, moving forward.

Webinar Replay

I’m Vickie Dickson – founder of Health on Purpose.
At Health on Purpose, we believe in doing all of the little things to better our health. They’re the things that seem insignificant at the time, but they add up to great health over time.

Today we’re going to map out the steps to living in your best health by simplifying everything. I’m going to walk you through foundational health and 4 other key areas of health so that you can live happy, healthy, energetic, well rested, and at your ideal weight. 

I’ll also tell you a bit about how you can work with me to move you towards these goals, should you choose.

Let me take a few minutes to introduce myself and tell you a bit about my story and why I’m uniquely qualified to help you to live in your best health at every age – simply.

First – I’m a child who was raised in extremes in all areas of life.  My ancestry is wrought with addictions – including and especially food addiction.

I watched my mother try every diet that came along, spending thousands and thousands of dollars – becoming more miserable in the process.

Everything for her revolved around her weight – everything.

Over time, I watched the light go out of her eyes and my soul knew that something wasn’t right.

I was taken to weigh ins and meetings where I could FEEL the disdain and judgement being unleashed on her and I knew that something was off.  I watched her buy (and eat) chemical laden ‘foods’ because they had zero calories.

I was told that if someone told her she could cut off her left arm and be thin for the rest of her life, she’d do it in a heartbeat.  I can still remember the pain in my 10 year old soul when she said that.

I had another example of health in my life –neighbours who cared for me from the time I was 6 weeks old.  Over the years, I trod a well worn path from our house to theirs.

There, they gardened, farmed, lived simply, and focused on nutrients and not calories.

I am an introvert and an observer.  From a very young age I sat back and I watched.  It was safest for me to be OUTSIDE of the action.  I came to my own conclusions about health – always asking – why and how

On one hand  I had my family of origin, an environment of extremes, self judgement, and punishment. 

And on the other, I had this example of food being used as fuel, true health, longevity.

It was quite a contrast.

Fast forward about 35 years.
I’m doing we we all do at the time
Raising children, working a job, taking care of a house, and becoming more and more burned out as time goes by.

There’s been no room for ME in my life and when the last of the kids leaves home, something broke in me.

The weight of my unfulfilled expectations, the state of my health, and burnout had me desperately searching for answers.

I had gained 35 pounds that I couldn’t lose no matter how many miles I ran or salads I ate. 

My mood swings were radical to say the least.  I could barely stand myself.

It all added up to a life I no longer wanted.  I knew that there had to be more and I KNEW that I couldn’t / wouldn’t live the rest of my days feeling as low as I felt.

Doctor after doctor dismissed me and told me that it was all part of aging.

I was 42.

I remember saying to my husband – nobody is talking about food
Why isn’t anyone talking about food?  It’s the thing that I do all day long – it’s not like I’m short on Prozac in my system – something is off!

So off to nutrition school I went.  I closed my retail store and hit the books to study holistic nutrition.  Since then I’ve become a certified yoga teacher – specializing in low mobility and seniors yoga and a certified reiki practitioner

An entirely new world opened up for me.  A world I was born to live and work in. We studied not only the science of food and the body but also the mind, body spirit connection which lit me up – and still does!!

You see – it’s not always about the food.
Yes, that plays a huge part in health.  Foundational health is super important – things like protein – fats – antioxidants – fruits and veggies – water – movement

But there’s so much more to It than that. 

Health is also about the stresses in our lives – mental – emotional physical

AND it’s about the emotional traumas that are stuck in our cells keeping us stuck where we are – feeling like diet after diet just brings us back to ground zero – going through groundhog day over and over again.  That’s just where the diet industry likes to keep us so that we keep coming back for more. You see, if we love ourselves, they can’t have their way with us.

This is where the magic is and it’s a key part of my Health Simplified program.

Today we’ll cover

Foundational health –the  nuts and bolts of what to eat daily 
4 big areas that my Health Simplified program is focused on including:

Digestion – liver
Hormones – liver
Stress – liver
Emotional trauma – liver

Foundational health must always include

½ your weight in water(ounces) daily 

Protein and fat with every meal or snack

5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables

Then we need to look at digestion, which is the root of all health

How can I fully digest life’s experiences?
What am I holding onto that no longer serves me?

It can take 1-3 years to fully heal the digestive tract.  The trouble with diets is that we change what we’re eating – and we drop some weight – but we don’t do the healing work so we cannot properly absorb nutrients and we end up back in the same place – over and over and over again.

We need to completely HEAL the digestive tract to have good health.

The liver is a big part of this. It’s the washing machine of the body.

Hormone balance comes next  

When the brain  wants to send a message to the entire body, it sends a hormone.  We think of sex hormones when we think about hormone balance because that’s what society tells us is important.
It’s so much bigger than that.
Hormones also include adrenaline which tells us to hold onto fat 

Cortisol which shust down digestion 

Insulin which is the body’s fat storage hormone
It’s a really big picture!

Stress – Statistics tell us that 92% off all illness is directly related back to stress.

Sit for a minute with me and think about how it feels in your physical body when you’re stressed.   Do you;
-hold your breath

-experience tension in your jaw

– hold tension in your neck. 

– feel a knot in your stomach

Now think about the onslaught of hormones that are being released when you’re under stress



Blood sugar is rising 

Blood pressure is rising 

Acid in your throat 

And again – the liver comes up as it is the seat of anger in the body

Affirmation – How would it feel in my physical body if I were not stressed over this right now?
Sit with it.

Emotional trauma – this is for all the marbles

We store emotions in our tissues because our subconscious mind cannot deal with them at the time they are happening.  This creates stuck prana – chi – energy in us which keeps us stuck in the muck.
Emotion is energy in motion 

When it’s stuck, we cannot heal.

Health is a big picture.

In my Health Simplified  program, we spend time digging deep into each of these areas of health.

I’m opening it up now to a select group of women who are ready to change their health once and for all.

Let me tell you a bit about it.

Digestion – we spend 2 modules dealing with digestion and I know that may sound boring but as I said, this is where all diets and programs get it wrong.

Think about it – you change your diet and eat all of the great food but it’s like changing the oil in your car and leaving the dirty filter in

You wouldn’t change the oil in your car and continue to run it through a dirty filter yet that’s exactly what we do in our bodies.

And remember – it takes at least a year to fully heal the digestive tract 

Then we move into hormones
So many times we think of hormones as something separate from us.
Is it me or is it my hormones?

It’s all connected!

We need to get a handle on all of the hormones that are running through us and not just the sex hormones.

There are bonuses that go with these modules focused on the liver and gluten – which is something we haven’t talked about in this webinar but something that may be important to keep an eye on for you.

In the program, you have a chance to start with a one on one session with me where we’ll look at whether this is an issue for you or not.


What’s really going on in your body when you’re stressed and more importantly how to learn to manage it – by manage I do not mean to raise your tolerance to it!!! We do exactly the opposite

We want tools in the moment to bring stress levels down so that your hormones are not going crazy all day long which sends your blood sugar levels (telling your body to hold onto weight) and your blood pressure levels through the roof.

Finally – we deal with releasing emotional trauma.
This work is not for the faint of heart – which is why I’m inviting only women who are ready to do the work into the program.
Healing is hard work – but it’s so worth it.

How would it feel to have deep understanding and compassion for yourself?
How would it feel to no longer use food as a trigger to punish yourself or to deal with stress?

In my last session of the program, we had a woman who struggles with an eating disorder and she has maintained her footing for over 6 months – that’s huge.  It’s because she dealt with her triggers and her traumas and did the work she needed to do. She now has tools, other than food, to use as coping mechanisms and on  the occasions that she does use food to cope, she can forgive herself and move on.

I’m inviting a small number of women into my program now
The link to check out the program is below.

Please don’t beat yourself up that you haven’t been able to do this on your own, so far. 

Health is a big picture.

Let me simplify it for you so that you can live the rest of your days celebrating yourself – giving your body what she needs – letting go of the self-loathing and judgement that’s holding you back.

Living happy – healthy – well rested – energetic and at your ideal weight

The doors are open now.

Close your eyes and ask yourself this

If I’m ready for this, and I don’t do it now, how will my life be different in a year – three years – 5 years?

Will I still be battling against myself, searching desperately for answers on how to feel better or will I have conquered it?

Maybe you will win the battle on your own. I hope that you do.

or maybe you’ll continue to come back to this same place – like you’ve done over and over and over again – feeling that there is something that could help you – if you could only grasp onto it.

That something is health simplified.

If you knew how to do this, you would have done it by now.

Let me show you the way.

Imagine the impact you could have on the world if you were truly living in your best health.

What would be different for you?

It all starts with a decision.
Will you decide to live in your best health, starting today?

Have you been feeling drained and wishing you could get your mojo back?

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