The STRESS is stealing your Joy!

Join the

21 Day Stress Buster Challenge

and step into summer cool as a cucumber!

I see you there trying to hold it all together.
I hear you telling everyone that you’re fine and things are ok 👌🏻
I feel you walking through the quicksand, just trying to get a bit of traction.
I know you’re longing to feel better. 
You want to sleep well and wake up energized and ready to face the day. 
You want to find that vibrant part of you and let her loose in the world.
You are ready to feel JOYFUL again.

The thing is, STRESS is killing your vibe!

You know you ‘should’ be doing something for yourself every day.
You know you need to take the time for you.
Deep down you know you’re worthy of at least 15 minutes a day to yourself but damned if you can make it happen consistently!

Heck, you can barely remember to take your vitamins consistently.
How on earth can you be expected to carve out time for YOU?

Yet, there’s this voice inside of you whispering:

"You need to take better care of YOU. You can’t keep going at this pace. Something’s gotta give, girl”

It’s time.

It’s time to use all of those tools that you’ve been collecting to help to manage your stress levels.
It’s time to get the crystals off the shelf, the essential oils out of the drawer, the running shoes out of the closet, and the blender ready to make that morning smoothie you keep promising yourself you’ll make time for.

Join me for 21 days as I guide you through ONE challenge a day designed to take care of the most important person in your Universe – YOU

Deep down you understand that when you get what you need, you are able to give from the overflow to others instead of from a place of exhaustion and resentment.  When your cup runneth over, it’s a pleasure to be there for others in your life.

Let’s take care of you first 💙

For 21 days, we’ll be using ALL of the tools:

So dust off the things you’ve tucked away for ‘someday’ and we’ll use them intentionally to reduce your stress so that you can step into the best version of YOU – just in time for summer 🌼
Who needs a swimsuit challenge?

We’re ready to get real.

21 days – 21 dollars.

You’re worth it!
We start on June 1st and finish on the solstice June 21st.
Are you ready to kick your stress to the curb?

Have you been feeling drained and wishing you could get your mojo back?

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