Support & Soothe Masterclass

Sunday February 27th @ 10:00 am EST

I see you there, neglecting your own self care, feeling bone tired and burned out, completely fed up with yourself for your lack of motivation.

I get it. 
Taking the time for self care is hard. It’s hard because we make it hard 
when it really doesn’t have to be. 

The thing is, your lack of self care is at the core of why you’re not living your best health.  
It’s why you’re tired.
It’s why you’re reaching for caffeine and sugar mid-day.
It’s why you cannot get motivated no matter what you do!
It’s why you’re struggling with weight that won’t budge.
It’s why you’re stressed out and running from crisis to crisis
day in and day out. 

The kind of self care I’m talking about is not baths and candles or taking yourself on a wee shopping spree though.  It’s the deep work of healing, because you love yourself enough to do so.

Take a breath.
Remember that your body and your life are yours – and yours alone.
Join me for my Support & Soothe Masterclass where I’ll introduce you to;

The 3 Keys to Living your Best Health at Every Age
We’ll cover;

You won’t be on camera so you can show up as you are!
Grab a cup of something cozy and allow me to fill your cup as we go through the session.
The chat will be active for me to answer your questions as we go through the webinar.
See you on the 27th!

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