I see you there, sitting at your computer, staring at the screen, hoping for inspiration to hit.

  • You know you need to be consistently posting on social media but you have no earthly idea what to talk about!
  • Your life is boring!  Nobody would want to hear what you’re doing.  You can’t even take good pictures with pretty succulents and crystals.
  • You’ve wasted hours and hours just banging your head against the wall, wondering what to post. 

And the worst part it… You KNOW that you don’t have time for this crap!!!!

There must be a place you could go and magically get posts to copy and paste, right?

What about those company posts? Surely someone must be selling a library of stuff you could just copy.

Sure, you could do that…

Trouble is, you’d be posting the same things as everyone else and you know in your heart of hearts that’s not the answer.

What you need is a surefire way to quickly create content that converts AND separates you from everyone else selling your product.

Enter the ‘Mastering Your Message’ Masterclass.


  • Why it’s important to understand WHO you’re talking to, now more than ever before.
  • How to create a framework for your content that is easy to use.
  • Why you only need to be talking about 3-5 topics to magnetize your customer to you for life.
  • Where to track all of your ideas so that you can create content on the fly.
  • What kind of photos create the most engagement
  • The 3 different types of posts you need to be using for the most engagement.

Hi, I'm Vickie Dickson... Here's the formal bio:

Acclaimed entrepreneur of the year, Vickie Dickson, was brilliantly building her fashion retail business, consumed with catering to her devoted customer base, when her life changed directions. That “I’m so busy” badge of honour we women seem to wear so proudly as we serve others is very often, in reality, an avoidance tactic that prevents us from giving ourselves the time and attention we need and deserve. Sure enough, Vickie’s health started declining under the constant stress, and, after an exhaustive search produced no definitive answers, true to form, she boldly took matters into her own hands.

Now an extremely successful holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, and reiki practitioner, Vickie is currently on the Ph.D. track for integrative medicine. In her coaching venture, Health on Purpose, she is the champion of every mature woman who’s ever been told that dragging yourself through overwhelm, depression, and chronic pain is a perfectly normal part of aging. Something you just need to accept? Not on Vickie’s watch!

Her signature process, creating the foundation for authentic, sustainable health, revitalizes her clients to embrace their second act with energy, vitality, and joy all at their ideal weight. An avid proponent for the healing power of essential oils, Vickie has created a thriving business empire within the doTERRA organization, this time on her own terms. Having reached the top 6% of company leaders in just over one year and the top 1% in three, she now inspires a global team of over 5,000 people in 22 countries, mentoring motivated women to quickly rise to and remain at the top of their game

Walk away with the confidence you need to continually create content that converts, in less time than ever before. 

Students who’ve taken this masterclass are often able to create 30 days worth of content in just an hour!

How would THAT change your life? Effective content that converts in an hour a month?

If that sounds like what you need in your business, register now.

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