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I’m so happy that you’ve made the decision to put your own health first, once and for all.

You’ve tried so many things but you’re just not getting any traction.  You’ve counted your almonds, and reduced your fats and your sugars. You’ve exercised more and then you’ve increased your fats and GAH!!! It’s all just so complicated!!! 

Worse than that, none of it works.  You’re right back where you started.  You’re done.  Done with the gimmicks and the fads and the measuring food and trying this diet and that diet.  You KNOW that there has got to be a better way to get healthy and stay healthy.  

There definitely is.


Loving the woman who’s looking back at you from the mirror. 🌠


Going out and not having to agonize over the menu or look it up online and decide ahead of time what you’re “allowed” to have.


Walking into a room and owning it. Heads turn and someone says “damn girl. You look GOOD. What are you doing differently?”


Walking into a room and owning it. Heads turn and someone says “damn girl. You look GOOD. What are you doing differently?”

Imagine if it was Simple.

Without the fancy foods and counting grams of this or that.

Without starving yourself and then binging because you’re so damned hungry

Without the weight of your own judgments

Without risky diet pills, specialty coffees, weight loss shakes, etc.

Without prescription and OTC meds that make you feel like an entirely different person.

Don't Just Take My Word For It. . .

“I am so blessed to be part of this Health on Purpose journey at this point in my life. Thank you for how you share your wisdom. I have been really quite impressed at how easy all of this is to follow. Its been about 4 months and I feel no need to weigh myself regularly but I know my body is changing and thriving on the healthy foods I’m consuming. I went on a mini Vaca this weekend and enjoyed a carb and wine filled day with zero guilt and easily went back to normal the next day. The lessons you taught also allowed me to educate myself out of eating the candy I craved more than a taste now and again! Being able to enjoy the things I love and really enjoy them (chewing and taking my time and portion control) and knowing I’m not dieting, but learning how to feed my body is something that amazes me. Cravings are so few and far between. I haven’t been on the scale since the beginning of July but I was down 15 pounds then. I honestly feel awesome!!!”

~ Karen Sorenson

In the
Health Simplified program

we do just that.

We simplify everything.

We’ll look at exactly what nutritional changes need to be made and HOW to make them. We’ll create EASY solutions to eating well on the go, and truly nourishing your body. You’ve had too much on your plate for too long. We need to simplify things so that we can get you:

You’ve spent too long beating yourself up. You’ve paid a high price to the diet industry that’s kept you searching for a solution outside of yourself. 

The solution is never
outside of you.

We’ll simplify your daily health decisions so that you can focus on what’s important to you. You’ll let go of the self-sabotage once and for all and move into the vibrant woman that you were created to be.

We’ll identify the emotional connection to this misalignment in your health and work through your sabotages so that you really can lick this thing once and for all. We’ll take a good hard look at stressors and what’s really going in in your mind and body when you’re stressed AND give you tools to navigate those stressors so that they aren’t as much of an issue as they were before Health Simplified.

Women who’ve gone through my Health Simplified program love how “un fancy” it is. It’s simple and it works. They now enjoy life without the hormonal upsets that used to rule them. They sleep well. They wake feeling rested. They love life and they NEVER count another calorie or micro/macro again.

Best of all, it’s delivered to your inbox weekly so that you don’t feel overwhelmed making a lot of changes at once. You’re not left on your own though! You’ll have weekly group coaching calls scheduled with me to be sure that you’re actually doing the work. This is key to your success. You’ll be held accountable to yourself.

The 7-week program looks like this:

Each week, a new video training is released in your membership portal with an accompanying worksheet.

A few days after the lesson goes out, our group coaching call is held so that you can work through what you’re experiencing and anywhere you’re getting stuck in resistance.

The focus of the program is on the simple foundation that needs to be in place in order for you to succeed in living at your ideal weight.

Over the course of 7 weeks, we’ll revamp your nutrition and lifestyle routines so that you can implement changes that will last. You’ll have concrete steps to follow that are simple and effective. No more second-guessing the best “diet” for you.

You’ll work your way through 7 lessons, delivered weekly so that you don’t go into overwhelm. You’ll have a full week to implement any of the habits and changes before you go through another lesson. You’ll also have a coaching call with the group to get unstuck and to celebrate your wins!


These lessons focus on the systems in your body that are out of balance and in need of life support. We’ll dive in with simple steps to take that deliver big results over a short period of time.

You’ll receive a worksheet each week and a journal to track your progress as we go.

You’ll have access to me via the private Facebook group, for the entirety of the program so that you never have to feel alone or wonder if you’re making the right decision. You’ll also enjoy the support of other women, just like you, who are doing the work.

This is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come as you live full out in this next phase of your life!

It all starts with a decision.
Will you decide to live in your best health, starting today?

Your Investment Is A One-Time Payment Of $1197 Or 2 Payments Of $647 

Included in Your Health Simplified Program

Studies indicate that reflexology may reduce pain, stress, anxiousness, and other symptoms of dis-ease in the body. The theory is that all organs in the body are mapped out on the foot. With your Health Simplified purchase, get this training specifically targeting the digestive system so that you can perform self reflexology to support your own digestion as you get started with the program

In order to get where you’re going, we need to see where you’ve been.  Tracking is an important part of that within the Health Simplified Program  and especially if you’re taking advantage of the Limited Time Bonus of a session with Vickie to kick you off! Choose a digital or printed version (or both!) and start to make connections between what you’re eating, how you’re feeling, sleeping and behaving in the world. 

This is more than a look good – feel good training. Glenda shares her story of losing close to 100 pounds, keeping it off for a long period of time, and the lessons she’s learned along the way.  It’s a lesson in self love wrapped up in a ‘how to dress the body that you have’ training.

Enjoy 3 yoga classes designed for low mobility and gentle stress relief.  These bonuses are unlocked with the stress module. 

Limited Time Offer!

Buy the group or private coaching and get a 1-1 with me to review your diet diary and supplements before starting the program.  Value $295.

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