Getting back on track

It’s Thursday morning. I awoke at 5:09 to the rain outside my window. I could have gotten up, but no. I stayed in bed because

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One Year Ago. .

A year ago, I lost someone – someone who was a big presence in my life. As we approach the one-year mark since she died,

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Tips to tame the mind.

Anybody else out there feeling stressed?  How does stress manifest in your body?  For me, it’s tension in my right shoulder that is instantaneous.  It

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5 tips to balance hormones

The number one thing that women are making appointments, for now, is hormone support. Here’s what I’m hearing: My periods are out of control!I’m bleeding

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Should you go KETO?

The KETO bandwagon is filled with women who are being disappointed once again by a ‘miracle weight loss solution’ It’s a solid enough concept but

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